1. No ren best class
  2. UGame45

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    >The game would be better if the community decides to stop cheating/watchdog acually detecting reach/hitboxes
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  3. Houyon

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    i see a 2018 player complaining here
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  4. What is happening Nev my g
  5. mihaienderman

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    used to take like what 2, 3, 4 months to upgrade a class normally back in 2014 with no quests and bigger cost
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  6. Quatt

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    maybe don't be an alt :/
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  7. I think that the 10 upgrades and mythic favor were one in itself, it was so much easier to upgrade the Mythic Classes back then because, for example, you could upgrade Werewolf to level 7 in Faceoff, and have a diamond sword, iron chestplate, and the pots and steak needed to survive in normal. With this new upgrading system it's basically forcing you to pay at least 1 mythic favor on many of the Mythic Classes.
    Also, on the removal of Renegade, I think we can both agree that the Grappling Hook's energy usage should be 80 instead of 60, and the Rend damage should be severely nerfed.
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  8. I agree on the grappling hook getting nerfed, that abil is really good dualing as a running and attacking tool. I think either costing 80 Energy/ Needing a melee hit to use again would be a good nerf. But if you were to do that why would you severely nerf rend? I feel like if both nerfs happened ren would be completely obsolete.
  9. Jovihi

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    Your own fault tbh. Don't cheat so you won't get banned and don't have to use alts. And don't complain about the upgrade costs lmao, it's so cheap since reclaim update that it's hard not to have all classes fully maxed
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  10. Yes lets go back to a fm bhopping HB every game why not
    You dont play the game ffs your opinion isnt needed here did u notice that the game was just updated to avoid cheaters
    Cheater problem>new players problem
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  11. This response alone shows the issue. The community is very unfriendly and aggressive towards players who are not at their level. No new players want to get involved in the game if this is how they're always treated.
  12. No buddy, Im cool w new players and Im not looking for people w Golen tag to play with, I dont mind playing w people that has really low stats and that is what Im doing so dont tell me that this community is just aggrestive towards newbies its just u who talk like u know this game when basically u know nothing, u take alts and attention seeking threads too serious when u actually need to ignore them instead of telling how the new players problem is bad, the alts are the thing that makes this problem :)
  13. What makes the game an issue is the amount of toxicity and aggressiveness. Aside from a handful, no one who posts frequently in this forum is a nice person towards others. That drives away a lot of new players. Cheating is a problem in a lot of gamemodes, and things are being done about it, but the toxic reaction towards it is inexcusable.
  14. People arent toxic forward new players they are toxic towards players w higher levels of classes, nobody doesnt look for newbies and starts talking shit to them did u even experience the game in the last 3 years or what. All you see is forum posts, as I told u. most of the forum posts are made by alts who trynna be toxic
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  15. I think that needing 1-3 melee hits would be a good idea, a long with a nerf to rend. Rend as it stands is extremely over-powered at it's full potential, if a Renegade spams 10 arrows down a vertical tunnel, and uses rend it's basically instant death. Now that could go along with playing smarter but I do believe that rend needs a nerf. Maybe the arrows should deal 1.25 damage each, it would be a thing that could take time and there would be a lot of backlash against it.
  16. not rlly you could just buy boosters to unlock em like every1 else did, the thing is i am not wasting boosters on an alt
  17. imagine saying that when you're in L9 D:
  18. I mean its easier now

    just use auto tip smh
  19. not for alts
  20. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Offensive OFN
    I am nice, but no amount of helping them will stop an enemy from just stomping on them when my wither dies.

    It's sad because nons don't make it to DM anymore

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