1. Tbh, it's really annoying to have to grind coins from arcade and transfer em all the time, also half the time we forget to activate our daily quest for dem pixelcoins. I am really bored of having to play only 3 classes.
    Just make every class free for every1 to play and while you're at it @Luckykessie you might aswell give every1 prestige, oh ye almost forgot dont forget the fully unlocked echest cuz 3 rows are aids, am I right fellas? :)

    Can i get some love for all the alts out there grinding for dem pixelcoins only to have to play with 3 rows of enderchest and no /surface? ;) I got you
    OI OI OI
    @codename_B @Luckykessie @Piano

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  2. Just play arcade for coins
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  3. are u r3tard3d?
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  4. no U
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  5. buy 1000 gold on all your alts ​
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  6. The game and community as a whole is just really unfriendly towards newer players.
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  7. Oculism

    Oculism Active Member

    there is literally no way to give "new players" an inch without giving cheating alts a mile.
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  8. read my first sentence of my thread u filth
  9. Our current goal is changing upgrades to be extremely small to narrow the gap between a level 1 and fully max class, while still keeping the major game mechanic of upgrade progression.
    Giving a player a nearly maxed out class from the start is a good idea in theory, but in practice it led to a lot of problems within the game. Not to mention that by making new players have to upgrade their class, they can get a hold of game sense due to being at a disadvantage (albeit a smaller one).

    We'll still be looking into making adjustments so newer players can have an easier time playing, without giving them a free pass to a maxed class.
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  10. nah man thats a waste
  11. lol dude have u ever even played mega walls, its legit so hard to get coins as a lvl 1 by just playing mega walls Pepega
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  12. You can always be nicer towards newer players.
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  13. why do you care about cheating alts having max classes when 3/4 p4's use 5 block and .5 hitbox on you not even talking about the autoclicker
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  14. it's just stupid you have to pay a f*ck ton of coins now just to unlock skele lmao, honestly @Piano i suggest you play some mega walls instead of being on the forums all day
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  15. Oculism

    Oculism Active Member

    Cheating alts are way more dangerous than closeting p4s. They have almost nothing to lose.
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  16. Just play arcade
  17. lol believe me p4's who are hacking are way worse than some bhopping alt who will probs get banned instantly cuz he's r3tard3d
  18. just delete minecraft
  19. it was harder to upgrade them back in 2016/15 when i played. What did we do? we sucked through the early upgrades and worked our ways up to max classes. Its already so much easier for new players when what we had were wooden swords and chainmail boots.
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  20. Just revert it back to 10 upgrades, remove mythic favor, re-add hero classes, remove renegade, remove or revamp p4 tag and mega will be much better
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