1. @Hypixel can I start conversations again, I was Forum banned for a thread I made because of a video I watched. When I came back I was not allowed to start a conversation. Can you reverse this please. I said nothing wrong and was just Forum banned and I also lost privalages to start a conversation. Reverse please!!!! It says it was for inappropriate content too.
  2. Forum bans automatically make you temporarily lose the ability to start conversations. You'll have to wait it out.
  3. It was a thread called my skills in pvp. It said it was for inappropriate content

  4. Oh thank the lord. Now you can’t spam me with “want to be a server owner?” And “why did you troll me on another server :mad:
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  5. lol rekt hypixel started a conversation with me saying I can start conversations again
  6. I can't start convos because I got banned for a month for no reason. HElp ME
  7. Let’s be real here. Send me proof. But in video form, because we know you love inspect element. You have to refresh the page as well.

    We all know he didn’t message you that quick, if he would at all.
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  8. Xx_AndOr_xX

    Xx_AndOr_xX New Member

  9. I doubt he started a conversation with you.
  10. JUNl0R

    JUNl0R Member

    he just wants attention which is why he makes all these threads
  11. i mean he does a pretty good job at getting it. He already has a meme about him, not saying its hard to get a meme about yourself, just saying he's kinda well known in off topic.
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  12. Dark

    Dark Well-Known Member

    HypeW H
  13. JUNl0R

    JUNl0R Member

    haha yes, I don’t know anybody and he’s a name I recognize now

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