1. Sogekitai

    Sogekitai New Member

    all my friends are MVP, MVP +, MVP ++, Vip and Vip+, but is there any point in actually buying ranks? Is it good?
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  2. Well the best thing is that you lose the chat limit
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  3. 1)Wrong section
    2)To see all the rank perks,go to the hypixel store,click on ranks,enter your username and there you can see each rank's perk(s)
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  4. I think he’s asking in terms of bedwars.
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  5. Check the store, you'll see all there is to offer there
  6. Unless u wana spam the command to find good maps in dubs better get MVP+ or a friend
  7. Haaaaack

    Haaaaack Well-Known Member

    XL ✧XL✧
    They just give you perks and coammnds. MVP+ is key if you play bedwars for map picks. Check the store for all perks
  8. DirtyTunaFish

    DirtyTunaFish Active Member

    The only benefit is that you get white chat and restriction bypasses. Which you shouldn’t even have to fricking pay for in the first place. Petty if you ask me.
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  9. U get white text, which can get u more attention. From VIP+ and up u can make guilds. If u want MVP just get VIP+, getting extra cosmetics for 15 more dollars is not worth it. If u want Map selections and MVP++ get MVP+
  10. If your casual and don’t play a lot, just buy VIP, it really improves your server experience.
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  11. honestly while the non rank is pretty expensive, it is kinda op. no one ever realised this but non's actually can scaffold but be perfectly legitimate. Watchdog can verify this as the thousands of lvl 1 nons that still aren't banned to this day compared to the countless ++'s that are false banned. its pretty cool ngl

    order of ranks = ++, MVP+, helper, non, MVP, VIP+, VIP

    change my mind
  12. I would disagree. I hate ranks and would never buy one in my entire life!
  13. As he says having an MVP++ rank.
  14. the main reason I got it cuz I'm 300 stars and I've played on Hypixel for 2 and a half years, the chat delay is annoying af and being grey in chat is idk, I just didn't like it but MVP+ makes everyone notice the 300 star with a blue name
  15. r/woooosh
  16. I'd swap MVP with VIP+ cuz they do the same thing but MVP costs more but otherwise, I completely agree with this
  17. Congratulations you got the joke
  18. Well yeah XD.
  19. Wait I’ve seen you somewhere before
  20. Idk, it's up to you. But if you get a rank i recommend VIP+ or MVP+. The other ones are kind of a waste
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