1. Are you like bad at bedwars? Is this what this is about? Cause if so, I'm laughing so hard at this bs

    The unique thing about bedwars is that whether your a level 70 non or an emerald prestige MVP++, the only thing (usually) that determines the game is skill.
  2. You have a 1.7FKD in your favourite game where I have a 8 FKD, and you're calling me bad lmfao.

    Don't even know where bedwars comes into play, if you read the damn thread you'll see I'm talking about Crazy Walls

    I don't want 12 year old ShotGunRaid fans on my thread please. Go try and stream snipe him or something.
  3. I just got mine and am trying to get it to level 3, but yea it’s not needed. I did fine without it often beating terrible pvpers that had lots of healing.
  4. Either way, you’re not the only person who didn’t have businessman. All of us had to start playing this game with nothing.
  5. More like trying to have fun. If I get bored I immediately go to knock back and trapping.
  6. So how about good players with lots of healing.
  7. not that hard still
  8. Well I accepted my loss, at least it was still a good player rather than a terrible one. Imo one shouldn’t be able to win every game of a game they just started playing. I like the idea of progression.
  9. how tf do u not have businessman yet

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