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    ★ Greetings, fellow Hypixelians!

    ➤ We are an upcoming building guild whose members are comprised of some of the most reputable and skilled builders Hypixel has to offer.

    ➤ We have accomplished the impossible; we have created a competitive yet relaxed environment that will provide you with quite the exceptional gaming experience.


    ➤ The Build Blokes guild is a mere two weeks old, yet we already have 50+ dedicated and talented members, have reached guild level 9, and earn over 600k gexp on a daily basis.

    ➤ We are home to many individuals with tremendous proficiency in the Minecraft building department. This includes many Master and leaderboard Build Battle players, in addition to well-known housing plot owners. You can view our full roster on our guild's page.

    ➤ You will find comfort in knowing that you will never be kicked without a reason, our team of officers are quite level headed individuals.

    ➤ After joining, you will gain access to our guild's very active discord server where we host all kinds of special events and have a great time.

    If you would like to see a few of our guild's Build Battle/Housing creations, click below!

    2019-09-28_00.27.01.png 2019-09-25_19.02.10.png 2019-09-10_16.25.11.png 2019-09-18_16.33.55.png 2019-09-25_18.45.38.png 2019-08-17_13.42.11.png 2019-09-23_23.21.44.png 2019-09-21_16.14.35.png 2019-09-27_17.25.34.png 2019-09-20_22.14.50.png 2019-09-27_17.13.34.png 2019-09-20_22.38.20.png


    ➤ There is no exact Build Battle score/number of wins that you must have in order to join; however, we will decide on an individual basis if your Build Battle statistics/building skills meet our requirements.

    ➤ You must exhibit maturity in guild chat/guild party chats. We do not want any pointless or petty arguments.


    Click below to view our guild application!

    ✸ IGN:

    ✸ Hypixel Rank:

    ✸ Timezone:

    ✸ Discord:

    ✸ How active can you be?

    ✸ How can you contribute to the guild? (gexp, member recruitment, etc):

    ✸ Please provide any noteworthy Build Battle statistics:

    ✸ Past guilds?:

    ✸ Attach screenshots of your best builds from Build Battle, Player Housing, or any other server:

    ✸ Extra Points Do you like blue tigers?:


    ➤ Whether you believe your building skills have peaked or not, there is always room for self improvement! Building along side our group of fantastic members will help bring out your best, I assure you :)

    ➤ If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tiimothy or any of our guild officers in-game or through the forums. Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day!
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  2. You should also join if you like Lynyrd Skynyrd.
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  3. Bruh
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  4. This is incredible stuff, right here!
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  5. Good luck with the guild! ;)
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  6. You were in the light and cast that aside to the darkness. Just kidding, good luck with your guild, Lpue, wish you prosperous spoils! :)
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  7. Jet711

    Jet711 Well-Known Member

    Best of luck to this guild! :p
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  8. Thank you legendary Jet! ;3
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  9. adebss

    adebss Well-Known Member

    Build Blokes BLOKE
    Cool kids guild everyone should join
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  10. Thank you for the support Lpue :]
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  11. Good luck! Looks like an awesome guild!
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  12. No, you're awesome!
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  13. Epic guild
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  14. I am glad you enjoy it, TriNyte.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
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  15. Great guild! 10/10 recommend for anyone :)
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  16. It looks like you adapt well to your surroundings. Puns!
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  17. guys im so cool i didnt even have to apply. get dabbed on. but seriously nobody in this guild is toxic, i promise on the life of a dead blue tiger. *banned*
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  18. Frick nice
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  19. 'No'
    are you trying to say something, zOID?
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  20. I love blue tigers.

    Nice as a calming breeze after a hard day at work.

    Yeah, that the person who commented is awesome! :)
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