1. Build battle top tens: stonks
  2. Круто
  4. Chevio

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    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Learn to quote thanks.
  5. idk how
  6. good job! my building skills are horrible,:eek: but i happy that they added it :D
  7. One small step for Hypixel.

    One giant leap for players.

    This seems to be the best compromise just so those who play 1.14 can actually enjoy more of the game that they paid for. Those who stick to the past will never move forwards. As such, those who play Build Battle in 1.8 are asking to be left behind. As harsh as that sounds, the truth hurts sometimes.

    Now I won't beg for Hypixel to do the same for the rest of their games, but I do hope this event paves new roads for games that don't heavily rely on vanilla 1.8 PvP mechanics. I don't want Hypixel to take away the fun from others, but implementing current-version options does the exact opposite by providing fun for more players.

    Here's hoping players will be accepting of a version that came after 1.8 so that Hypixel can consider doing the same for other games!
  8. oh hell no!!!!
  9. Yees,I can’t sleep right now,I wanna play.
  10. Really good new, i just wanted that since a loooong loooooooooong time !

    And for CookieBilly, they said that it's only in Solo Mode and I think if you are in party you'll be sent on old mode
  11. Very cool! I do wonder if the blocks that 1.14 no longer supports will be changed into the block that it was "transferred" into for 1.14 users and the same for the other way around... I hope so! :p
  12. This is a pretty contreversial update. As a player who *only* plays Build Battle this change did come as a bit of a shock. However I think that supporting new blocks was a good choice. The things builders look for in new minecraft updates are the blocks, their details, and their colours. Outside of build battle most builders builder on newer versions of minecraft and have to adjust to the new range of blocks. Adding these blocks gives the builders new colours and details to play with, aswell as be more adaptable to building in newer versions. For those of you saying that its the first step into converting the server into 1.14. what does build battle have to gain in 1.8.9 OTHER THEN PLAYERS.
  13. good and bad
  14. Yes 1.14 blocks OP
  15. Mikauo_Xblade

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    I do not really get it why people complain, i mean, one day you will just have to update, and what is the problem with that? The only main difference is the combat, but everywhere in Hypixel where you can use combat, it is 1.8 combat.
  16. I now hate you.
  17. BOOM! ...Hypixel divided
  18. Only time before the entire server turns to the newer versions... especially bc of the combat changes that are coming soon
  19. This is a bad thing?
  20. no.

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