1. Strongly agree, wouldn't split playerbase and would allow people to still get filled lobbies.

    Issue is - it'd be harder to win for 1.8.8 players, which (I believe) is the reason they chose to split.

    But, if you're a hardcore build battle player, chances are you'd make the shift anyways.
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  2. Hrmph. This is a good thing AND a bad thing. Good thing as it certainly is a cool thing to have, but a bad thing since people from other games will also ask for this to be added.
  3. Wow! Epic :)
  4. What about private games?
  5. This is epic!
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    Unless we got stats, we'll have to do with ''Majority''.
    If we're assuming 70% uses 1.14, an update to 1.14 only does not equal a drop of 30%. You have to take into account people switching versions as well. Which we just can't predict.
    But there is no such thing as ''If 70% does A, and 30% does B, and we drop B, there is a drop of 30%''.

    This is not how statistics work. This really isn't.
    49% of the global players use 1.8.9. In every single game this is a different percentage.
    Skywars for example will have a higher % of 1.8 players, while a game such as Skyblock might have a very high % of 1.14 users.
    There is not a 50/50 chance that a player joining Build battle plays on 1.8, we simply do not know this statistic as we don't know the real numbers of users using a version etc.

    If a majority already plays 1.14, and they're satisfying the majority, there is not so much risk of the game being damaged because a minority does not want to update. There may be a slight decline in players, but overall it won't hurt at all.
    You say I'm seeing this through a rose tinted pair of glasses, but at the same time you are assuming that 1.8 players are making a significant enough dent in the game that the devs even care about them.
    1.8 players usually bring up the ''But the majority plays 1.8''-argument, and I'm gonna return the favor here: The majority of build battle plays on 1.14.

    It makes sense, but you're acting as if Build battle has any financial impact on them. There literally is nothing in the store that makes Build Battle a revenue generating game.

    But as I said earlier, not all the assumed 30% is going to be stubborn and not update to 1.14.
    There may be a percentage of players who won't, but saying all 30% isn't, is just a very unrealistic look on the situation.

    If they aren't interested in the game enough to wait, they for sure won't be after their first few games.. They're literally filled with genitalia and nazi symbols. That's probably a much bigger issue then not having a 1.8 player (who typically aren't the new guys on the server anyways or the building game type of player), become the new tryhard for a building game.

    Eh yes... why else would the server still be on 1.8?
    If it wasn't for the people being so stubborn to update, we'd already be in 1.14 on all of Hypixel. Saying that 1.8 players aren't holding back the server is just ignoring the obvious.

    Taking hundreds of manhours =/= bad decision to update to 1.14. Because once the server is up to date to the 1.14 version, updating to a new version won't be as hard anymore.
    If you have ancient code, and build a very large network ontop of ancient code, it's very very VERY hard to easily update it.
    If you update all code, which is time consuming, to newer more modern code, updating it in the future will be a 10th of the trouble. Just look at TKR vs Bedwars. A bedwars update takes 2 weeks to code, a TKR update took them a full 6 months.
    Simply because the code was so ancient and outdated, they had to modernize it.

    If they did, they'd face massive backlash from their customers. If there is 1 thing a company shouldn't do is piss off a very large quantity of their customers. Every time someone on this forums says ''1.8 is old, let's update'' they're bombarded with hateful comments and dislikes and what not. A lot of pressure is put on the devs to on 1 hand satisfy 51% of the players, but also keep the often angry and toxic 49% (1.8) also satisfied enough to not have hell break lose.

    And this is based on what?
    They said the exact same when warlords came out on just 1.8. That game got big. Very big. And that was a new game.
    Build Battle has already established a pretty damn big player base, of which a majority uses 1.14. At most we'll see a slight drop before stabilizing or growing. Because 1.14 players aren't gonna leave the game cuz it updated to 1.14, and new players already typically play latest version so they'll by default play the 1.14 version.
    The only people leaving the game right now, are people stubborn enough not to update despite the game being 10x better in 1.14 with all the new blocks, because it's not on 1.8.

    A decline in players with longer waiting times makes the game experience worse. So you did say that, just not directly.
    What other trends can you compare to Hypixel? The largest minecraft server ever since like 2015...
    There is no other server big enough in size to compare this with.
    I'm not saying you have no experience, but a server with like 100 players at peak time is nothing compared to a server where every bloody second there's 100's of people leaving and entering the server, and several tens of thousands playing the games.

    Overall, you're just being pessimistic for no real reason. We will have to wait and see what happens, so far though, the people seem to be happy it finally updated to 1.14. At this moment, the update dropped and playercount dropped as well, and got right back up once the update was completed rolling out.
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  7. I've been waiting for this moment
    Finally I can build with stripped wood lol
  8. We'll wait and see what happens :shrug:

    Updated counts from developers would be handy though (and statistics from this change, e.g. the amount of people swapping, the amount of people on 1.8.9, the amount of traffic overtime etc).
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  9. good move imo, build battle is a game where supporting newer versions like this makes sense

    sadly though I see this being used as a reason to update all of hypixel to 1.14, which is still a horrible idea :(
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  10. I’d have to agree with this for multiple reasons. Build Battle has established its own playerbase and while I don’t normally play on pure 1.14, I will definitely make the change if it means having new options to assist me in creating better builds. I’m perfectly fine using 1.14, as I am terrible at PvP, meaning 1.8 serves no purpose for me.

    While it’s obvious there may be a bit of an increase in waiting times for the lobbies, it’s not going to be anything the community can’t handle. I love Build Battle, and if I wanted to play on 1.8, I’d be fine with waiting a little longer to play. That may just be me, but I’m happy with the current state of the game.

    This was a bold and proper move on Hypixel’s part. I’m all for it, keep up the good work, devs.

    Hypixel is still a heavily competitive PvP based server. They’d be making a terrible decision to convert all games to 1.14 when they’ve proved that they can restrict certain games to being different versions.
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    but too bad i main build battle and my computer cannot handle 1.14 lmao
  12. You're building a new Build Battle Update? That's honestly really nice :eek: I just wish there was more cosmetics as well besides the 1.14 support, but still, a great way to reach out for those users!
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  14. This is actually great! gg Hypixel
    It’s great to see some other games getting attention between this and the Mega Walks stuff (besides Skyblock getting all of it, I mean)
    This is a great way to satisfy a ton of the complaints from people about build battle not having enough choices.
    Since most people who play build battle probably would prefer to use 1.9+ blocks, i’m assuming that most players will play in 1.14.
    However the one negative that I see is that this is going to fuel the nonsense spewing uncontrollably from the people who think the server should switch to 1.14.
    But as usually Hypixel, nice work!
    no no no no no no no nooooooooooooooo
    not yet. soon though
    especially since it’s thanksgiving (in the US) you should be thankful that it’s not just Skyblock getting attention!
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    My comment was meant to be sarcastic. I do not believe that this will be the catalyst for future updates that split Hypixel further in terms of version, but I do believe it can very well happen.
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  16. 1.8 best version ok
  17. Cant wait to try this out :p
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    wait are those terracottas or no
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    No new achievements...

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