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    Hey all! Today we bring you an important update to Build Battle. Over the past few weeks, we have completely rewritten the game from the ground up in order to take advantage of our latest network systems. This was necessary since Build Battle was initially written 3 years ago, before many of our current systems were in place, so the game didn't make use of any of our newer performance-boosting technologies. Continue reading to find out more.

    This rewrite will improve the experience for Build Battle players and help us reduce lag across both the game and the server as a whole. Additionally, it will allow us to more easily add cool features in future updates! Below is a list of the notable changes and improvements.

    As this update is such a radical change for Build Battle, you may encounter issues or bugs. Please report them in our Bug Reports forum so we can track and fix them, here: https://hypixel.net/forums/server-bug-reports.35/

    ▶ Changes and Improvements
    • Build Battle now supports multiworld. This means we can have multiple games on one server at a time and therefore increase the player capacity for Build Battle without the need for more servers. Games should be slightly faster overall.
    • Optimized many aspects of the code, resulting in a smoother experience for players.
    • Added title nametags in-game. You should now see your score title in the tab list and other players' titles above their heads.
    • You can now save your loadout exactly as its laid out, empty slots included.
    • Added a few new options for customizing mobs and improved the design of the options menus.
    • Added support for aliases in Guess The Build which allows us to add alternative spelling variations to still count as correct guesses. E.g. Moustache and Mustache would both be considered as correct spellings. If you have any other correct alternative spellings that we didn't include, please let us know.

    ▶ Future of Build Battle
    Thanks to this rewrite, the future of Build Battle is very exciting! We have a special revolutionary feature that will allow you to share and report builds in an update coming soon - we'll share more info with you when we have it.

    This update brought many major changes under the hood, so we expect there to be some issues. If you notice any bugs or problems, please let us know in the bug reports forums here. See you soon! :)
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  2. Joel146

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    Nice! Thanks for the update! Sharing and reporting builds will be very useful.
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  3. Gucci
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  5. BeatsDJ

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    Looks cool!
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  6. Yeeey
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  7. Mega walls update next???
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  8. Why can buildbattle be completely re-written, but can't the classic's get re-written?
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018
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  9. Hypeeeee
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  10. shahed

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    Nice, you guys are on top of things!
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  11. Kul


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    Hey, that's pretty good
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  12. Stannya

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    Awesome! Thanks for keeping us updated. :D
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  13. :D
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  14. Yya
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Hype!
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  17. Ay hype pipe
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  18. Dylaan

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  19. Woah build battle
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  20. build battle
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