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    Hello everyone!

    We have some more bug fixes here for you today, this time for Build Battle!

    Huge thanks to everyone that has reported these bugs. If you encounter any bugs yourself, you can report them here: https://hypixel.net/bugs/

    Continue reading for a full list of all the bug fixes.


    ▶ Bug Fixes
    • Water buckets and glass bottles now work correctly to add and remove water from cauldrons
    • You can now use wet sponge blocks to build (previously they would turn into regular sponge blocks after taking them from the creative menu)
    • Fixed the achievement point cloak not correctly displaying achievement points in Build Battle lobbies
    • Fixed an issue where items could be carried over into separate games
    • Added more theme aliases, e.g. armour/armor will both count as correct guesses as well as some plurals such as bush/bushes
    • Fixed an issue where rejoining would make your hat disappear in guess the build
    • Fixed an issue in guess the build where player's guesses weren't registering correctly
    • Some improvements to the AFK checks e.g. placing armor stands, and using other menus such as the mob settings will now count towards not being AFK
    • Changed the turtle skull skin so it is now different to the tortoise skull
    • Fixed armour stands from being able to steal your voting blocks in the voting stage
    • Fixed not being able to move around nether stars if you duplicate the shop item to other inventory slots
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes you wouldn’t get a bed to return to the lobby in the pregame
    • Stopped players being able to push boats/minecarts during voting - you can now ride them through players during voting
    • Fixed blocks being placed when trying to spawn particle effects
    • Fixed the new reporting system revealing the names of builders in pro mode
    • Fixed some sign issues in the build battle lobbies
    • Changed the "Ancient Roman" NPC skin
    • Fixed the pre-game scoreboard in teams mode getting messed up if there are a lot of players in a party - it will now display the number of players if there are more than 3 in the party instead of all the player's names
    • Also in teams, if you have more than 2 players in the party the pre-game scoreboard will now say “Possible Teammates” to indicate that the party will be split up
    • Added a colon to the teammates display on the pre-game scoreboard for consistency
    • Fixed the in-game banner menu from only displaying black banners in some Minecraft versions
    • Fixed a typo for the "Sushi Roll on Plate" food skull (was “Sushi Role on Plate”)
    • Fixed an issue in guess the build where the theme from the previous round wouldn’t get removed from the scoreboard causing 2 themes to be displayed at the same time
    • Fixed NPCs disappearing when you change your plot biome
    • The signs in the Guess The Build pre-game area have been replaced to better describe the mode
    • Fixed the Reset item in the lobby cosmetic menus sometimes being shown in different languages
    • The [BETA] tags have now been removed from both the Guess the Build and Pro Mode NPCs in the lobby
    • Fixed skulls in the Plot Options menu from turning into Steve and Alex skulls
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    Awesome! I recognize so many of these ;)
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  6. yay new update
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  7. Loving the bug fixes
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  8. Yay !!
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  9. finally
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  10. Squish those bugs and break them down.
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    also 1st page <3
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    arena brawl please
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  14. Hype!
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    Been loving these bug fixes!
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  16. Very hot update ty ty
  17. Thank you kind wolf.
  18. Can We get warlords next plz?
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  19. Looks like this will make the game even more fun, thanks :)
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  20. Guild update next.
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