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    Hello everyone!

    We rolled some bug fixes here and there over the last month, read on to find out more!


    • Creeperbook achievement now works more consistently. (Try re-linking your account if you don't have it right now.)
    • Brewing stand inventories are now properly supported for versions above 1.8.
    • Rubberbanding on lily pads and closed fence gates was minimzed.
    • When a nicked player joins a lobby/game and there exists a player with that nickname, the nick is reset.
    • Missing world protection added to main lobbies.
    • Added support for orientation of the Mystery Box animations.
    • Party poll results now show the actual first decimal place, instead of 0.
    • Herobrine pet now disappears when pet visibility is turned off.
    • LittleYou name holograms now disappear when the LittleYou pet is not visible.
    • Daily reward message now uses consistent names for all gametypes.
    • Delivery man will not have messed up holograms anymore when switching languages.
    • Alex / Steve skins (nick system) do work now.
    • Previewing cosmetics is not considered "being idle" for the AFK system anymore.
    • Playing the archery game in the lobby is not considered "being idle" for the AFK system anymore.
    • Pets don't teleport while opening lootboxes anymore.
    • Added /nick random to generate a random nick, rank and skin.
    • Renamed the Frostgirl skin, because it is not a frost girl skin!
    • Added some missing nick rank checks on pets.
    • Added some missing nick rank checks on using gadgets.
    • Fixed a typo in one of the replacement messages of the profanity filter.
    • Corrected some incorrect grammar.
    • An empty ignore list now shows no page numbers anymore.
    • Toggling achievement tracking does not reset the page you were viewing anymore.
    • Prevented abuse of sheep in the lobby by using shears and dye.
    • Allowed setting social media while muted.
    • Removed an outdated voting website.
    • Gametype names in tip messages are now consistent.
    • Added guild tag colors to Bedwars Lobby leaderboards.
    • Fixed showing your nick in the achievement menu.
    • Removed one of the duplicate messages when getting kicked from a private game due to players leaving.
    • Fixed players being able to use some unimportant WorldEdit commands.
    • Added some more general protection against very rare duplicate purchases (shops & Mystery Box).
    • Private message privacy setting was not respected in some cases.

    • Made Tenacity perk activate after grace period in Normal.
    • Fixed "New Strategies" achievement not given when a duplicate was found.
    • Fixed Adrenaline perk removing speed effects with a higher amplifier.
    • Fixed Arrow Recovery perk and it now shows a message in chat when activates.
    • Fixed No Mercy perk and it now shows a message in chat when it activates.
    • Fixed Monster Tamer not working with damage from Slimes.
    • Fixed Bow Flex not activating as intended.
    • Added tooltip to Notoriety (limit of Sharpness 3).

    Smash Heroes
    • Fixed a chat message saying that you died zero times, when you died three times.
    • Fixed some issues with the lobby scoreboard and put Smash Level at top.
    • Fixed ingame scoreboard sometimes having wrong length calculations, causing in not being able to display lives of all players.
    • Fixed a typo in the map Circled.
    • Fixed /myposition retrieving outdated data.
    • Fixed the pregame lobby sometimes not disappearing.
    • Removed a Zombie that hid in one of the maps!
    • Fixed Skullfire Grenade reseting in three consecutive shots instead of four.

    • Fixed Ironman working in Deathmatch.
    • Fixed some stats labelled wrong.
    • Removed the chance to spawn a Spider Jockey as they would be able to target allies of whoever caused them to spawn.
    • Added taunt hints to the coin messages.
    • Fixed /myposition wrongly labelling stats.
    • Fixed Diver IV having a duplicate helmet.
    • Fixed being able to interact with ArmorStands.
    • Fixed Viking's boat dropping wooden planks.
    • Fixed some cases of being able to take items out of the kit layout editor.
    • Fixed some typos.

    Crazy Walls
    • Fixed some cases where mobs would follow spectators.
    • The message when shooting someone with a bow now is better formatted.
    • Fixed several messages not respecting nicks.
    • Fixed typos in Potion names.
    • Re-scaled Rejuvenate's percentages to allow for four levels, as the last level was broken.
    • Fixed a typo in "Chance" achievement description.

    TNT Games
    • Fixed ArmorStands being interactable.
    • Fixed prestige messages to be more precise.
    • Moved the Double Jump feather to the first slot to avoid it being moved around in the inventory during the game.
    • Fixed being able to open furnaces in the lobby.
    • Possibly fixed receiving the Double Jump feather as a spectator.
    • Fixed missing singular form words in certain Wizards messages.
    • Fixed a few pregames that let you get out of the map and wouldn't teleport you back to the spawn incase you fell down.

    • Fixed Master Swordsman having Unbreaking 1 on the sword.
    • Fixed Blood Boil not working correctly in some situations.
    • Fixed "An Kill" achievement given wrongly.

    Cops and Crims
    • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong team to win in TDM.
    • Fixed some shop messages.
    • Potentionally fixed being able to fly after respawning in TDM.

    • Fixed being able to shout after the game.
    • Fixed some typos.

    • Fixed earned coins in Grinch Simulator not counting towards overall coins achievement.
    • Fixed Build Team rank not properly displaying in some messages.
    • Fixed some games muting chat unintendedly.
    • Added a missing block in the lobby.
    • Removed unusable spectator items given at the end of a Farm Hunt game.
    • Fixed some causes of being able to pick up MegaPunch powerup twice in a row.

    Thanks to every single one of you that help us improve the games by taking the time to report bugs! :D If there are any issues you encounter, remember to submit a bug report!
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  2. cool, bugs being fixed is always nice
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  3. Yay!
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  4. Yes squish the bugs! ;)
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  5. Awesome!! :D
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  6. FrostyHD

    FrostyHD Active Member

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  7. It’s nice to see all bugs fixed :)
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  8. Hayaty

    Hayaty Active Member

    Yeah nice
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  9. Nice!
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  10. Hungurr

    Hungurr Well-Known Member

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  11. Cool! It seems there is a never-ending supply of bugs tho.
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  12. k
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  13. Should've said wood planckes...
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  14. Where's paintball? 'Bomber man' killstreaks doesn't working :(
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  15. Flexy

    Flexy New Member

    emg finally
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  16. Finally Creeperbook is fixed!!!
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  17. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ

    can you fix Dirty dog and Revenge of the Wolves now thanks (mega walls achievements)
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
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  18. of course they fix bugs on every game except for the one i play...
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  19. 1st page! YAY!
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  20. Ayee
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