1. Back to the 0.5 update (best update, btw)

    I had 3/5 (Tia) and 165 traded (168 in total) fairy souls collected BEFORE the fishing update, so basically, all the souls you could get then.

    But after the update, I checked Tia and I had 2/5 and 165 traded, one soul disappeared!

    Clear note: I'm aware that fishing with blessing gave people 4/3 souls from fishing so this could be the reason but no! I fished 1 by 1 and blessing wasn't a thing yet.

    I already reported this and the mod sais that this was a game feature! , I guess he though that I trade 5/5 and then go to 2/5 but no.

    Anyone had the same bug? I'm sitting at 179/180 and idk if some soul bugged (believe it or not, the mushroom island's souls bugged and I had to get them twice) or I'm driving crazy

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