Should perfect diamond be buffed? (Also this is maybe a glitch, should it be fixed?)

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  3. divide by thamid

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  1. Posher

    Posher Member

    I'm sorry but 2 tier pieces and 1 tier 8 piece is not 60m I bought my whole set hpb for 23m
  2. Wyrm

    Wyrm Active Member

    What about giving it a set bonus?

    Set bonus: fortify (or whatever name)
    Gives 5% reduced critical effectiveness on damage received per tier

    Not that it "Needs" a buff...if one came out I would like to see something like the above.
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  3. Jumping in to correct a few mathematical mistakes, don't mind me

    This is incorrect.
    Every single Defense point is exactly the same quality, the first, the fifth, the 1000th. All of them have the exact same effect on your damage reduction.

    I can prove it with a simple example.

    Let's say you have 100 HP.
    With 0 defense, it'll take 100 Damage to kill
    With 1 defense, it'll take 101 Damage to kill
    With 5 defense, it'll take 105 Damage to kill
    With 1000 defense, it'll take 1100 damage to kill
    Every single one of those defense point increased the total amount of damage to kill you, by 1.

    Of course this is because you have 100 HP, now let's try with 1000 HP:
    With 0 defense, it'll take 1000 Damage to kill
    With 1 defense, it'll take 1010 Damage to kill
    With 5 defense, it'll take 1050 Damage to kill
    With 1000 defense, it'll take 11000 damage to kill
    Every single one of those defense point increased the total amount of damage to kill you, by 10.

    This is what truly means EHP, the term players use in the community to describe the true Effective Health Points of armors.
    A simple way to calculate it, is to increase your current HP by X%
    X being your defense
    If you have 1000 HP and 500 Defense, you can increase 1000 HP by 500%, which gives 6000 HP.

    The reason why the number seems to shrink the more defense you have, is because every last few % is a lot more impactful.
    In fact the number can never reach 100%, because that would mean you have infinite defense, therefore immunity to damage.

    Right now the Perfect Armor is simply the best armor in the game, except against true damage.
    It's even better when you consider healing as a 3rd factor.
    The more defense you have, the more each Health Point regenerated matters.
    1 HP healed with 0 defense is just 1 HP
    1 HP healed with 1200 defense is the equivalent of 13 HP, because that's how much damage it will take to lower your health by 1 HP.

    Like said in a previous post, the Diver armor will get a buff, and the Perfect Armor will either get a buff or a change. But if it gets a buff, it'll probably be a tiny one, as it truly is by far the best armor in the game

    I'll copy paste Mini's explanation with different values to make it easier to understand

    I colored in red the numbers that I changed.
    In example 1, a 25% difference makes the armor 2x better
    In example 2, a 45% difference makes the armor 10x better

    It's the same example except the difference "90" that confused you, is now 45,000

    The reason why those last few % matter more than the first ones, is because if you divide a positive number by another positive number, you will never reach zero.
    100 divided by 2 is 50
    50 divided by 2 is 25
    25 divided by 2 is 12.5
    12.5 divided by 2 is 6.125

    So even though it takes 2 times, then 4 times, then 8 times, then 16 times more damage to kill you, the damage reduction value increases less and less.

    TL;DR: Perfect Armor is the best armor in the game and that should not even be a debate. Now should it be even stronger? We'll talk about it in another balancing thread.
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  4. I like how we need 2 admins to clarify how this damage reduction works

    why can't I get two admins to read my boss ideas post pepehands
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  5. Well the formula is extremely simple

    Damage multiplier = 100 / (100+Defense)

    Simple formula, but not that easy to understand
    It works wonders though, used in many many games
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  6. Thank you admins for explaining that the community cannot do simple math.
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  7. I wouldn't want to spend an extra 10-20m on a set of armor that practically speaking only reduces the damage I take by 1/2 a heart. And, perfect dia doesn't include massive increase of strength/crit/crit-change like superior dragon
  8. 15h


    15h Well-Known Member

    when is next pit update it has been 8 months k thx bye

    feel free to dislike cuz this post has nothing to do here
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  9. I do agree that it should be buffed, but more health-wise. The Armour doesn't give any base health, unless hpb or growth is added.
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  10. Yeah but perfect armor isn't good. You can't do decent damage with it, and it's not nearly as versatile as wise or Superior dragon sets who both offer good enough defense with an added bonus.
  11. kluz

    kluz Active Member

    I still disagree that extra defense matters that much (when you account for superior's health and set bonus).

    If the identity of perfect armor is going to be defense, lets give it a set bonus that reflects that. How about a defensive set bonus, something simple like "immunity to 1 attack, 10% the damage is converted into absorption hearts they last 10 seconds this ability has a 30 second recharge". That would be something unique and would justify wearing the full set of perfect armor, since right now players don't have use for the helmet when they can wear a zombie heart instead.

    I'm glad you realize that this game does need more fights though.
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  12. Now I have your attention go read my idea post pls
  13. Chem_son

    Chem_son Active Member

    Armor balancing thread - Round 1
    here we go
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  14. kluz

    kluz Active Member

    Its a simple formula but its not accessible. I think it should be shown somewhere in game that is visible so more people know (along with the formula for damage)
  15. ah shit here we go again
  16. Your prices are terribly wrong but yeah it needs a buff.
  17. Now I'm happy because I decided a while back I would go for Perfect X and not look back, and there was something going around saying that Superior was within like 3% of the EHP of Perfect. I put together a graph today using the formulas above and apparently the dragon armors are a LOT worse than Perfect for EHP. Superior is better than Protector for EHP at HP above 850, so I used that for data. Perfect is better for EHP starting at 450 HP (this is so low that Protector is better, and Perfect outpaces it at 497 HP). At the high extremes of HP, Perfect becomes more than 50% better for EHP (this happens at 1350 HP) and this only increases.

    This assumes no natural defense, but you'd need values of RAW (without armor) defense in the 350s to make a difference to this for late-game players.

    And you don't need full X either. Tier V outpaces any dragon armor at 1350 HP, and tier VI outpaces them at 1000 HP. 18 tiers of Perfect Armor (1/2 tier IV 1/2 tier V) is better than superior at 1696 HP, which is near the top of the highest HP level possible to sustain indefinitely (e.g. without potions, etc.)

    Maybe I didn't make a mistake going for Perfect X.
  18. Binaric

    Binaric Well-Known Member

    Skyborn REBORN
    What Perfect Armour lacks is versatility and a special ability as there are unique sets for each slayer boss that provides just as good stats with "less" of a grind. The best armor in the game should have some defining feature that sets it apart from others (eg. Superior stats bonus) and not just have good defense.
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  19. What do you mean
  20. t10 perfect have less ehp than protector dragon under standard condition
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