Should perfect diamond be buffed? (Also this is maybe a glitch, should it be fixed?)

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  1. Why is perfect diamond armor trash? What is the point of using this set of armor? Is it due to an unnoticed coding error?

    As you gain more defense points, those defense points actually have less of an effect on your damage reduction as shown in the screenshots below.

    Godly ender helmet
    Godly perfect diamond chestplate X
    Godly perfect diamond leggings X
    Godly perfect diamond boots 8
    It's only 91% damage reduction. Compare the defense reduction to dragon armor it is a very small practical difference. This set of armor cost ~60m. This is a scam af!!

    Full set godly superior dragon armor - Cost 25m (and you get more strength, crit chance, crit dmg, speed, mana) With this set of armor you get 89.5% damage reduction (that's less than 2% difference from armor that costs double the price, and comes with more perks)
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  2. oh
    i think they should buff perfect for more dmg and mana maybe?
    the defense is enough i think its impossible to get 100% dmg reduction
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  3. mana is bad
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  4. also, don't forget that the wolf boss has an attack that completly ingores amour
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  5. gg
  6. it is called true damage
  7. NonForLife

    NonForLife New Member

    imma just point out and say perfect armour buff is already confirmed? (With Dungeons Update but still we already know it's getting buffed)
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  8. Chem_son

    Chem_son Active Member

    Jayavarmen said there is a plan to buff it.
    Minikloon said it is good enough, no buff needed.
    They had a fight.
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  9. NonForLife

    NonForLife New Member

    Well then Minikloon is dumb then because perfect armor is trash
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  10. They should listen to the community. We play SkyBlock not them.
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  11. Chem_son

    Chem_son Active Member

    Lets hope Jayavarmen is the one in charge not Minikloon.
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  12. Two examples to help understand what % damage reduction represents:

    1. Let's say:
    - Armor A has 50% damage reduction
    - Armor B has 75% damage reduction
    If you take 100,000 damage:
    - Armor A reduces the damage to 50,000
    - Armor B reduces the damage to 25,000
    In this case, Armor B is twice as good as A.

    2. Let's say:
    - Armor A has 99.9% damage reduction
    - Armor B has 99.99% damage reduction
    If you take 100,000 damage again:
    - Armor A reduces the damage to 100
    - Armor B reduces the damage to 10
    In this case, Armor B is 10 times better than A.

    I consider the confusion a problem with the UX of the game (lack of explanation in-game, unclear impact of defense).
    The game's balance is fine in this case.

    As it stands, Perfect Armor offers the best defense in the game by a very decent margin.
    It is very expensive, but will travialize any content in the game except true damage.

    Proof: Put on a Crystallized Heart, 3 Perfect X pieces and a Regen VII pot and solo 2 Rev IV with your eyes closed.
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  13. So that we got Minikloon to reply...

    Diver's buff...?
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  14. wow your ping worked xD
  15. i think they should make it so that the wearer gets more health to compensate the cost?
  16. Alrescha_K

    Alrescha_K Active Member

    They said they will buff it
    so I keep my perfect 10 chestplate&leggings waiting about the buff information
    And now I already got full superior
    But those 2 blue armor are still in my echest as I never take them out once
  17. every wise dragon user begs to differ
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  18. DIVER BUFFS WHEN ????????? I SPENT 15M ON IT LIKE 3 DAYS BEFORE THE UPDATE now each piece goes for not even 1m
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  19. i mean the perfect armor is alright but you got to under stand that people had to grind the end dragon for like hours maybe days for the sets. so people have more of an award for their efforts.

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