1. any reasons for disagreement would be great, this is somewhat of a brainstorming thread and compressing my ideas into a video is easier than making a large thread.
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  2. thanks for the shoutout my guy
  3. also, you pretty much said everything i had in mind so i genuinely can't contribute to the thread lol
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  4. agree with everything in the video :D great job
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  5. most of it was based off your suggestions thread.
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  6. AlwaysChangingName

    AlwaysChangingName Well-Known Member

    It could have a minmum level requeriment to be able to join in the tourney.

    I agree on everything u said
  7. Putting a min level completely ruins the point of the tourney: introduce new players into the game.
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  8. AlwaysChangingName

    AlwaysChangingName Well-Known Member

    New players already have Blitz hour, that is even better to introduce them.
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  9. this was epic

    although i think that the amount of coins you got from the rewards was way too much.. I only got top 500 and i got 1mil coins and if i hadnt miss clicked i would've gotten 1.2mil and i didnt even use all of my time. you could literally be just decent and get a level x in just a few hours
  10. Most active players are above level 15/20
  11. That much rewards? Wow. I really missed out.
  12. From: Tr_Blackeagle- legit af

    10/10 points but why no tournament gameplay??
  13. all the files were around 30 gigs and an hour or more, I didn't wanna trim it to have gameplay from a tournament when the main part is what I talk about instead of the gameplay.
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  14. Yeah it was good except for the coins you could buy with tournament tokens
  15. Really well thought out and well executed video! Really good voice for commentating too :)

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