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    This thread will give you a list of ideas and tricks you can use to try and take down large teams just a bit easier. Most of these ideas are speculation and extremely hard to perform with accuracy. Good luck.

    There are multiple kinds of teams, each of which will require a different level of skill, starting with low-skill teams. These are teams that most skilled players can take down without problem, usually teams of non-donors or donors with low level kits.

    These kinds of teams, as stated above, shouldn't requite too much strategy or too many tactics to best. As long as you remember to strafe and land your crits well, you shouldn't have too much trouble. This kind of team is usually not very observant, allowing you to gain the element of surprise, killing or badly wounding one of the team members before being attacked.

    There are also teams that require a decent amount of skill to take down. You may need to use a few tactics (listed below) to conquer these. These teams usually consist of a few skilled non-donors or a few donors with kits leveled to VI (6) or above. These are the most common.

    Lastly, there are the teams that everyone hates. The teams that nobody quite knows how to take down solo. The teams that everyone rage quits because of. The teams that have three or more players using high-tier kits (or rogue on Caelum). These teams are the main reason that I took the time to brainstorm (or Theory Craft, as I like to call it) some tactics to take down teams.

    I will be listing these in order of the skill required to successfully perform, starting with the simplest and gradually increasing with difficulty. ​
    The Element of Surprise: This is the simplest trick to gain the upper hand on a team. If you can get in a few critical hits on a team before they realize you're there, you're going to increase your chances of surviving immensely. Most everyone should be able to perform this tactic, and many probably already use it.​
    Terrain Manipulation: There aren't many tricks that the average person can keep in mind while fighting an intense, outnumbered fight. This one is rather easy, luckily, and the outcome will be very pleasing. ​
    If you are just out of a player's reach, below him, you can attack him while remaining completely out of his reach. This is a rather well-known fact, though it is rarely used in outnumbered fights. ​
    There are most cases, however, where you want to do the opposite. You are better off to have the higher ground. You can always run down and knock your opponents back, and possibly off, a cliff or hill. ​
    Critical Timing: This tactic is somewhat interesting. You must critically time your critical hits if you are to take down a team. Critical hits offer more damage output in a shorter amount of time, a critical (pun intended) point in winning an outnumbered or disadvantaged fight. ​
    Learning when to time your jumps is critical. You don't want to jump while obviously in the range of your opponents, for they will be able to knock you back much farther, likely getting you into a combo and destroying your chances. ​
    Jumping and landing just inside of attack range is your best bet. You will be able to land a critical hit every time you enter your enemies' range, adding to the damage dealt.​
    Block Hitting: This is another well-known tactic often used in everyday encounters. It also works well while you have speed from a kill or potion, as you will be hitting your enemy back before he has a chance to attack you back.​
    Block hitting also helps reduce the damage you receive in a fight, another major point in fighting. The longer you live, the more likely you are to take down the team. ​
    Everything from this point onward requires a massive amount of practice and skill to use effectively. If you aren't prepared to use hours of playtime to get better, please skip to the end of the thread. You are also more likely to get banned for kill aura if you manage to master these. You have been warned.​
    Bobbing: This is a very difficult trick to master. It consists of using speed (or low ping) to your advantage to avoid taking damage. ​
    When you attack an enemy player, he will get knocked back. If you are sprinting while attacking, the knock back effect will be increased. Using this, you are able to keep your enemy out of attack range with precise timing.​
    In order to do this you need to find a method of slowing down that suits your style. You want to be slowed down as soon as you have attacked to increase the odds of staying outside your enemy's attack range. This can be done by moving backwards slightly, sneaking, blocking your sword, along with multiple other combinations of movements.​
    This will grant you a massive advantage once mastered, giving you the ability to kill while taking minimal damage.​
    Kill Aura - On: No, you will not be using kill aura for this tactic, though it will seem like you are. There's a reason that kill aura is so deadly, even while fighting multiple opponents. ​
    While attacking a player, there is a period of time (known as I-Frames) where the player cannot be damage again. This is partially to help against clicking macro users, and it adds some balance to the game. ​
    Because of this, your damage output is capped. The difficult part of this tactic is the constant re-positioning of your cursor. You will be attacking two players at once, requiring twice the skill of a normal fight. ​
    You will attack one player, then spin and attack another player (usually a small distance to the side), and repeat the process. Note: you will need to click twice as fast as normal for this to work effectively.
    Caution is advised before using this tactic, as you are much more likely to be mistaken for a hacker. ​
    Knock Back Manipulation: As of 1.6, along with the implementation of toggle sprinting, knock back has been broken. If you sprint and attack a player, the player will get knocked back farther than if you were walking. If you hold down the sprint button, every hit afterwards will have walking knock back rather than the increased sprint knock back. ​
    Using this information, you can increase the likelihood of getting your enemy into a combo. You can also use this to knock people away from you if you are low on health, or knocking people into the void on Caelum. Being able to manipulate your knock back is the most useful thing you can have at your disposal. Note: more information on knock back in this video.

    Parkour: Yes, I said it. Parkour. If you are able to outrun your opponents by performing a series of difficult jumps or maneuvers, you are more likely to survive to fight another day, much like in real life.

    Quickly scaling steep inclines using the corner of blocks is one example, with another being the double sprint jump (sprint jumping to the very edge of a block to gain extra air on your second jump, leaping 4.5 blocks instead of 4).

    Combining the four tips requiring a massive amount of skill above, you will be completely unstoppable. Nobody will be able to kill you. Period. Of course, mastering these will take a massive amount of time, skill, dedication, and a good computer and internet connection.

    I hope you enjoyed my guide on Team Tactics. If you have any feedback, please feel free to respond with any questions or comments. I may be adding more theories to this guide as I think of more.
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    Bump. Not sure why my threads never get replies.
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  3. Noice Guide! Iam Gonna try Mastering Bobbing to help me fight a Certain 2v1 I've been Waiting a while for :p
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    Good luck.
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    Thanks man, this was actually pretty helpful. I have always been decent at taking down teams. Following this steps should definitely help anyone who needs it!

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    Nice thread man. :)
  7. element of surprise is the best tactic on caelum
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  8. Thanks Dude! :) great to see some encouragement on the forums!
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    i try to get one of them between me and their partner so the other one cant attack me and i can focus on 1 guy , none of these tatics work for me sadly, i have ping of 345ms most of the time
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    "Element of Surprise"
    *Uses rogue in caelum*
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    yey now I can finally play BSG again...
  12. Frodo_Saggins

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    That works too.
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    I think making the teamers come to you if you can't sneak up on them is really beneficial. Just try to put yourself in a position that favors you rather then running into where the team has deemed theirs.
  14. Frodo_Saggins

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    That's what I was getting at when I said"Terrain Manipulation"
  15. I do all these things except block hit the kill aura and the parkour. I'm going to practice the kill aura but is this possible on a trackpad? xD another great post by frodo saggins :p
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    It's probably possible, but even that much harder.
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    After a lot of practice and time, yes, you will be able to kill teams.
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    Awesome guide, I think it will be very helpful to new players trying to improve their pvp skills :) I think I have to try to learn the bobbing technique.
  19. For the Kill Aura, does the "2x faster than normal" imply that you need to jitterclick?
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    Good luck! The bobbing technique requires very low connection (ping), or the speed effect. It will work against a player with high connection, but you shouldn't need to use bobbing against someone with really bad connection anyway.

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