You wanna vampires breaking armours?

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  1. Well, on VampireZ, the vampires should have an perk that let they have 1% (first level)/3% (second level)/ 5% (level 3) to Broke 1 randon piece of armour (helmet, boots, etc.) when they hit one survivor. And agaist God Arour this effect would have 3x the chance of happening (so God armour would be weaker).

    Ps: i have one guild whitch only acept VampireZ´s players who likes beging the vampire. If you wanna join, call me!
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  2. TheUserU2

    TheUserU2 Well-Known Member

    The vampires will always win if this happens.
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  3. Lol you don't even a positive rating bar....
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  4. ImJohn

    ImJohn Active Member

    The Foundation F
    5% on level 3 and x3 on gods is 15% so if you have 5 vamps with a 15% chance to break Armour every hit, that doesn't really work out...
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  5. @MyNameCat that's abit too op for vamps.. they will always win by that humans will have no chance of surviving= 100% Unbalenced VZ if The server made this update then.. The game would be dead.. im just saying ik people might not agree with me im just saying
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  6. Seith

    Seith Well-Known Member

    TheNewTitans TITAN
    Why The Hell Would you Want a Perk Like That it's considered way too OP 5% chance of breaking armor is too op isn't fair
    Did You Rage Quit When you face against Gods I've Heard how to kill gods it's called teamwork and patience
    Most Gods Die by Round 15-21 Due To Zombies and Baby Zombies Not To Mention Most Gods don't know how to use their armor properly
    Maybe your just a very bad Vampire
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  7. .
    Good point seith. I just think if this did happen the game would be even more unbalanced then people would want to vamp more than survivor also if the staff added this vz then would be dead
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  8. I don't think it should break the armour, I thing it should have a chance;

    Helmet 2%
    Chestplate 0.5%
    Leggings 1%
    Boots 2%

    To remove the armour piece off the users body and put that specific armour piece in their inventory, just so it doesn't become too op
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  9. that's still abit op ;-; and it would probably never be added anyways
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  10. Yea I guess it was just to maybe improve his suggestion xD
  11. ya I get you but im just saying the idea is too op for vamps and it could make them win like every game even though the survivors are meant to win them.
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  12. Ayaya_

    Ayaya_ Well-Known Member

    Please no. It's already so hard to win a vampirez game as a survivor and with that it would be impossible.
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  13. egnefi

    egnefi New Member

    It isn't SO hard if you have God, but if you were a naked then yeah it'll probs be hard
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  14. airstriike

    airstriike Active Member

    No offense to your suggestion, but it's horrible. It would make a well balanced game, unbalanced.
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  15. Ayaya_

    Ayaya_ Well-Known Member

    Once I bought a god kit by myself and it was a waste of money. I spent like 2400 coins on it and I only received 1300 coins or something like that cause an huge swarm of zombies kept attacking me don't leaving me drinking a dang potion to regen faster and when I tried to outrun them the vampires kept backstabbing me and then I died. Ya maybe I'm still a noob ok but, even a god kit can't prevent you of dying.
  16. >Vampirez
    Pick one
  17. May I have your number? *Winks*

    Well, for your instance. Even with God sets in existence. Vamps still wins 4 to 1 against survivors. Startling is already crippling enough.

    Thread is about armor breaking perk.
    ->Told that it make game harder for naked
  18. You can break gods armor regardless, just keep at the person and it will eventually happen.
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  19. LightningSlow

    LightningSlow Well-Known Member

    If they add this then make god kit free and in place to god armor put a dia armor with all enchantments X and a sword with Sharp XXV, Fire Aspect XV and Knockback XXL
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  20. did you recognized XXL means 30?
    But still. If we gets serious about this. That's a little too less. Let's make God Pots Strength 420 for 20 minutes.
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