1. i legit died in skywars from fall damage when i was stuck in the air at the spawn. i only got to play that round for 10 seconds and i feel cheated on.
  2. why did they ever add a game that has more than 30k players everyday hu?
  3. Cause they 100% knew that was gonna happen day 1.
  4. i think skyblock is causing lag for everyone tho
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  5. cant you just join a new game?
    this letraly only wasted 10 seconds of your life
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  6. well imagine if they added win streaks and that happened.
  7. What do you expect on a super famous server with a load of people ?
    People all in dis server are suffering from lag bro
  8. but there isnt sooo....
  9. well this is just insane. it wasnt like this a year ago i have been playing roblox now because of the lag and i somehow now like roblox so thats hypixels fault
  10. Roblox, lul

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