1. Hey all,

    This is the official megathread for discussing Bridge Eggs in the new v1.2 update.


    New Item: Bridge Egg
    Cost (Solo / Doubles): 1 egg for 2 emeralds
    Cost (Teams of 3 / 4): 1 egg for 4 emeralds

    Throw this egg to create a bridge made of wool blocks in the trail behind it, allowing you to cross. Slower and less surprising than an ender pearl, but creates a bridge others can cross.


    This thread is for discussing how you feel about the item, its balance in Bed Wars, its price etc.

    We will be reading this thread closely and adjusting the item's balance based off your feedback.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for you feedback!
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  2. Trevorcraft71

    Trevorcraft71 Well-Known Member

    hype :p

    ALSO: My personal opinion on the bridge eggs is that they should go out for a range of blocks. Like in the menu, there should be options for how long of a bridge you'd want. Like 20 iron for a 16 block ranged bridge. 50 Iron for 32 block one, and so forth

    Edit: Maybe not IRON, but maybe instead of 2 emeralds it could be link 10 gold for 16 blocks, and 24 for 32 or something
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  3. Reserved
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  4. MineThatCube

    MineThatCube Well-Known Member

    Scaffold hack for 2 emeralds is not good imo.

    Let ppl build their bridge.
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  5. What do you think about Ender Pearl?
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  6. Can you make a video, so we could see how it work exactly?
  7. In my opinion it's fine at its current price. It's only 35 blocks in length (last I knew) and makes noise. The only potential change I might make is make the blocks start to disappear after time (like 2 minutes it starts to fall apart). That way it's not a permanent 1-2 block wide bridge.
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  8. I'm not sure how you could fix this particular issue, but I think they are too wide.
    I think I understand why they are so wide, because diagonals would be hard if they were thinner, but it makes them really hard to get rid of. Especially if the player who threw the egg from mid was able to make it end above your base, where you have to pillar/stair up just to reach it.
    Making them thinner would make them harder to run across so you can't just have a permanent easy bridge to someone's base.

    Possibly slowing them down or making them time-based would be an improvement in my eyes too. They are very quick, and when you can rush mid early game and get 2 eggs instantly, or 1 egg after ~40 seconds of waiting (in doubles and quads respectively) it's hard to balance around that. Making them cost more would just make buying something else more worth it, like diamond armour or pearls. Increasing price doesn't really balance something very well.

    Making them shorter in 4v4's possibly? There are only 3 teams to rush. When you can get an insta-bridge to one of them within the first minute/minute 30 of the game it kinda defeats the "turtling" strategy as you can pretty easily tell who's gonna turtle at that point. Not that I'm endorsing turtling.
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    Also, YuO diD NoT KiLl BleU, CrusS-Tem RepOrt ThAt i WilL poSt IN thE wRonG SeCTioN.
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  10. The bridge egg price is good, but I think it should not spawn as many blocks.
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  11. MineThatCube

    MineThatCube Well-Known Member

    Ender pearl are a 1 way/time travel.
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  12. Looks really nice.

    Hm... I think it should be more expensive in solo (mabye also in double). Getting 2 emeralds in solo is easy and people usually leave their base unattended.
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  13. I'm gonna go abuse the egg in ways mineman have never seen or heard of before.
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  14. Reserved :p
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  15. I can imagine that people use this in solo and doubles for 2 emeralds but not really in teams of 3/4 for 4 emeralds.
    You have to build less bridges in 3/4 and most of the time when you are getting emeralds all the bridges have already been build and it's not really worth it anymore, especially not 4 emeralds.
    In 3/4 you often already have bridges to the base to attack so it isn't that necessary in my opinion, except you want to be super strategic with your team and attack from different sides but I don't really see a benefit in that.
    In solo and doubles you got way more islands with beds to go to and often there isn't really a direct way to islands(from mid or diamond islands) in the late game because quite some people go to the side in the beginning. So I can image it gets way more used in solo/doubles than 3/4 with the current prices. I would suggest to lower the price for 3/4 down to 3(or even 2) emeralds, and maybe up it for solo/doubles by 1 to 3 emeralds.
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  16. So you’re saying I don’t have to learn how to speed bridge?

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  17. I personally think all of this update is not needed. No one asked for it. Update the games which need it
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  18. Wynia

    Wynia New Member

    I agree. You can just throw this egg and walk with your whole 4-player team to an island instead of one person that can go to an island with an enderpearl. People should just build their own bridges
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  19. Players can suffocate in them. Please fix that :p
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  20. for fair void clutches?
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