1. Is it possible to earn Achievements in Brawl Mode? because I just crafted exodus in deathmatch and didnt got the achievement ( like 3 days ago I crafted dare devil and got the achievement for it)
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  2. Not sure, I also noticed wins don't count towards the tiered achievement but still give score.
  3. You only get score, stats are completely unaffected. Coins are also the only other things you can get from the gamemode. Wins/kills count on plancke though
  4. Wins/kills add to total teams kills and wins.
  5. lighted

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    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Stats are added onto your team wins and kills
  6. Didn't happen to my stats when vanilla was a thing though :thinking:
  7. Don't think so since I killed my first enderman in uhc but in brawl but it didn't give me the achievement for it and same for all other limited gamemodes in uhc because i got carried by a random 8 star and random 4 star in no diamonds mode but it didn't count for the achievemnt for getting a win.
  8. vanilla was to2's
  9. BIG RIP
    Also wtf ive more score and i dont have exodus unlocked
  10. You must pay2win my friend, buy boosters = lots of coins = you can be a 1 star with everything unlocked if you bought lots of boosters (UHC ones obv)
  11. Thanks for considering me as a complete idiot who ignores what p2wing is
  12. technically it was still teams mode ;)
  13. i guess
  14. Steve

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    Hypixel Knights KNIGHT
    no they don't @Dark crafted perun and didn't get the achievement
  15. Dark

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    HypeW H
    That's right

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