1. Hello forumers!!! (If you are a forum grinder trying to grind messages do not comment on this I swear) Today I achieved 10,000 wins in Hypixel Bowspleef and am making this thread because making threads for achievements like this is customary I think.


    I first started playing frequently in May of 2016 (Aww how cute he's gonna talk about the past like people care!! -v-). I remember learning how to Double Jump after seeing people do it to get to the top on map E. I don't know why I fell in love with this random mini game but I always have seemed to come back to it. Although there's a lot of hate for the community, it's really not bad and I'm glad that I've met a lot of the people I've met on this server. I want to thank the guilds I've been in from Calculated, to Vibes, to The Bow Spleef Avengers. Although I've taken my breaks, I am glad that I decided to play this game and I'm glad I've gotten to know some of you. I wish the game wasn't ridden with bad maps and rollbacks currently, but at its core it's still a good game.​

    So I guess I'm gonna thank a few people now that I've met while playing with for three and a half years.
    Flamegirl215 - Always an innovative player inventing new strategies like arcing, Thanks for being my god <3
    Sylveonite - One of my first friends on the server, Thanks for all the memories and for dealing with me and Driz's retardation in call. Je bent makkelijk
    Drizzeh - You are in the call with me while I'm making this so what do you want me to say: "Just Say I'm a god and sub to Jeeper" - Drizzeh
    Tyler - I didn't really talk to you that much before this year but thanks for all the fun 1v1s, I appreciate all the eating you do in call
    Nico - Love your Tik Toks, even if you are the worst at Uno. Congrats on 500 wins, must of been really proud of yourself for earning all those wins
    Wistalia - inSANE with the explosive dashes. Thanks for talking and playing uno with me. and helping me not do school work. Aren't Pepper and Kalin so cute together?
    Pepperjerky - You've literally never beat me in bridge and I always beat you on map C. You and Kalin are cute together
    Kalin - Thanks for calling and playing with me, sorry if I don't respond on snap I'm bad with that. You and Pepper are cute together
    Cadria - Zespół, Thanks for making the Juger Bunnies :3 [​IMG]
    Ronthebomb21 - You probably don't even know I exist anymore but thanks for racing me to 420 wins. We never really talked ever but just remember I beat you to 420 wins !!
    Condal - Thanks for the beautiful tower you built on my survival server <33
    Dead_Triikz - Thanks for all the memorable quotes in call
    Shards - You'll be a pet leaderboarder soon
    Sunky - You were in my first guild, Calculated. You left for a while though, but I'm glad you came back
    PXLated - "L ez trash bad kid" "MAKE THE JUMP"
    Adam0815 - Quack
    Akiana - You were always funny in calls, come back!!!
    Vojtekmarek - Thanks for all the fun 1v1s!
    Vershul - Thanks for spread the word of Christ and making bow spleef a holy game
    Cto - Thanks for letting me be on Avalar Survivor season 2
    Izado - I used to talk to you a while ago but you don't play much anymore. You were always good in every TnT game mode
    Miczy - Never talked to you that much but you went along when everyone changed to matching discord profile pictures. Thanks for playing with me!!
    JeruZalem - You were the first person to friend me on the server from Bow Spleef and you knew me before I even had my first win
    Droxeren - I haven't really talked to you as much as I used to, but thank you for always being very nice to me
    Lava000 - Your account got hacked, but it was always fun to play with you. You were always the best meme in call [​IMG]
    Krabyoko - Still waiting on Spleef Assembly Alert, but thanks for all your other godly meme videos and for making this in bedwars
    Pubuh - Aria you Rox
    Carret - Root beer isn't good
    hydrakiller9 - Thanks for thinking I'm the best player?
    toffi122 - I didn't realize you were muted for a year
    GalazyPuffz - I'm cuter than Matthew Gray Gubler
    GekkeDerp/Naner - Nibs
    bluecar63 - Mentored me in snow spleef and always played against me in Ender Spleef. Thank you
    TrTx - Weeb. Thanks for staying in the 10k win party
    Brettw12345 - BRETT

    If I didn't mention you, it clearly means that I don't like you and wish nothing but ill will upon you!!
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  2. Congratulations Xtremabelle!!!! Holy shit!!!!!! Ur so freaking good! :p

    Nice Job bro. Serisly. That is cool ASF!!!!!!!!!


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  3. congrats kiddo

    that's epicercaner13478
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    I'm sorry, I must... I need my Internet points...

    Huge congratulations, it's taken me a while to get 10 wins in a single TNT mode. Extraordinary achievement, hope you reach greater milestones in the future, and I hope to see you in-game when I start playing Bow Spleef again! I also now know where that illness I got on Thursday came from, thanks a lot >:[
  5. I saw "Messages: 1418" and was going to disavow you, but your message is well thought out and deserving of a spot on this thread. Thank you for your effort and kindness.


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  6. Nice idea!!!
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  7. Terrible reply. Allowed as you're a member of the Bow Spleef Avengers. Thanks for being a member and giving us wins LMAO


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  8. nice!
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  9. Thanks!


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  10. congratz! :)
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    ProfoundMinds PFM
    I don't like u either L
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  13. Your welcoime!!!
  14. Bastijn

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    Welcome to the club
  15. Awesome job King
  16. Good work big fella! :D
  17. Your compliments are appreciated! Thanks!
  18. How many is boosted ? :3
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