1. Handsome Jack

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    Hey Handsome jack here!
    Hypixel im a massive fan of your 2 most recent andventure maps,Herobrines mansion and Wrath of the fallen. i perticurly enjoy your "unique loot" and elite mobs and bosses. and well i had a thought of what you could do for a future maps.what if you recreated border lands 2 in minecraft.obviously not the whole game,well not all at once at least,im mearly asking for a segment,such as from the start to captan flynt.the main reason for my idea is the fact it could easly incorperate traits from you previous maps,such as specialized loot,which could be increase to a wider varitey using and mixing various enchantments and names of the armors and weapons.the enemys ccould variate as well,"elite mobs" could be "Badass Enemys". also taking advantage of mods abiliys mobs could be alter to act like their borerlands counterparts.Zombies(with some speed enhancements)= Psychos,Skeletons=Maraders,Baby skeletons and zombies= Midgets,Agressive wolfs=Skags,Spider=spiderants,creepers=sucide bombers,Bullymongs=Slimes,endermen=stalker(possibly).wither skeleton=Slagged psychos.And best of all you could texture all the mobs to look thike their borderlands counterparts.I and many other would love to see you create great borderlands themed adventure map
    sincererly yours handsome jack,
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  2. Handsome Jack

    Handsome Jack New Member

    if you like this idea please support it and like so hypixel will create this.if have any ideas to add to this feel free to
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  3. mikester2012

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    What could happen is that with the possible inclusion of horses in minecraft, scooters "Catch-a-Ride" Station could be included. I think it would be quite comical
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