1. I have been noticing this lonely block of snow for quite awhile. Is it supposed to be here? upload_2019-7-14_18-1-11.png
  2. Shouldn't be there. There's some blocks that should be hidden, but not like that.
  3. It may need to go...
  4. That snow wants to be a part of the Apocalypse
  5. Yeah there was no snow block there before
    In the middle of the street?
    For what reason?
  6. G’day, mate!
  7. I almost feel sorry for the kangaroos that are getting frostbite. But then I realised that they also started killed me in my car hundreds of times.

    Freeze to death you stupid jumping bastards!
  8. I have to agree. They deserve the cold.
  9. Now just imagine if that is a planned rescue zone for a harder mode of Blocking Dead.
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