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  1. Hi i'm Nopeless and i have 100+ wins on blocking dead
    I know i'm not the Best Player on the server but i know a lot of things about blocking dead
    and some of the details people have missed.
    so i have summed all things up in to this really detailed guide.
    I have searched lots of things before i made this guide. but if i have missed any please comment.

    -No Grass etc texture pack link

    -Detailed positioning
    -Game details
    -And more...


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  2. JustNassim

    JustNassim Member

    Really helpful, thank you.
  3. Fixed Some things
  4. Great guide! Nice to see so much detail. I play blocking dead a lot too so this is awesome.

    Only things I can say are that:

    Cornfield definitely has a below 50% success rate on solo, and is better with a slightly larger group of players. Lake is tough, but doesn't usually need 8 players to survive. I have seen 3-4 people hold zombies off and win, though i'd say optimum number is around 6.
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  5. Although I don’t play Blocking Dead as often as other games, I can tell you put a huge amount of thought and heart into your guide. Really great job!
  6. Nope, gym is possible with one player left. I've done it couple times. That being said, you do need enough ammo, probably several stacks. Just stay at this spot and you can do it. I've never seen anyone win cornfield (group or solo) or solo win lake. However, I've witnessed someone survive for 30 secs to a minute at the end (after teammates died) by swimming around the island. I tested it myself, survived alone few times that way. Chance is very very low, although not impossible.

    And, 50% chance on cornfield? XD If you've won it gg to you, I kinda gave up thinking I have a chance to survive there, even with 740 wins of experience...

    This is a great resource though. Good job making it : D

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  7. YouSayHaxISayThx

    YouSayHaxISayThx Well-Known Member

    Best guide lol xd
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  8. Your guide is very helpful!! It is easy to understand for all with the attached images.

    However, I think you can SURVIVE ALONE in GYM at this corner.
    Try it please :)

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  9. ty for suggestions! version 2 is coming in a month
    i will upload this on the wiki so more people can see it!
    have a Nopeless day xD
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  10. The minimum players is determined "When the rescue starts"
    in that case i've won solo on every kind of map. And winning lake from the beginning? Try calculating the zombie spawn per second and max zombies you can kill per second its barely possible(under the conditions that you can headshot 6 zombies per second). and from 1:30 its hard to drink/eat(especially school, gas station, police(again under the conditions that your teammates are really bad and barley killed any zombies)).

    in conclusion, winning solo doesn't mean literally being the last survivor when the game ends.
    it means you have been solo from rescue start to rescue arrival.
    i hope this makes you understand why minimum players are numbered like that.
    - sincerely Nope-
    And on the pdf there is a spot where you can easily win(cornfield)
    Although rare glitches might be crucial on that spot(will be listed on ver. 2)
    The percentage is calculated only if people go for the spot(and not just run in circles thinking they will out kill the zombies)
    so noobs losing the game?-> not calculated
    and if you think about that the percentage is pretty low
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  11. On version 2 there will be
    -Easter eggs
    -Idk why but it happens
    -Some unnatural things and how to respond
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  12. BluOctopus said the same opinion as me. I had overlooked it.


    I know a glitch that the lower slabs in vault of Bank aren't recognized as the rescue place.
    So if you stand there during last 2.5 min, you will get caught in the toxic gas.​

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  13. wow, this rp actually makes game a bit easier, thank you
  14. UnactiveAccountQuit

    UnactiveAccountQuit Active Member

  15. cornfield is much less possible than lake

    other than that great.
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  16. Btw, I compared Blocking Dead and Zombies.
    Which do you like better? Comparison.png
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  17. Loui99

    Loui99 New Member

    Guild Master
    Thanks so much for this!

    As a new blocking dead players, this was especially helpful for me. Everything was super easy to understand a these tips are very very helpful. Will be using this in the future as well when I get stuck on things!

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