Who would win in a battle of redstone wiring?

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  1. Hypixle

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  2. Sethbling

  3. Tukameo :D

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  1. Tukameo

    Tukameo Member

    I love the mithril map, but far to many people don't (or arn't online when I am). It makes me mad when there are 2 or more of the same maps up there with only like 2 people in there afk. Then they leave and it takes a couple of minutes for it to fill up. If there was 1 sign for each map on the wall then I think I could get from game to game quicker. It would also assure that there is a mithril map open allways. I am sure there are problems with this I just don't see them so if you could show me them I would be very pleased. Thank you.

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