1. Blitz Survival Games Strategy Guide
    Blitz Survival Games is a wonderful activity that can be accessed and played on the hypixel server (mc.hypixel.net). Within this game, players battle for victory, and plunder throughout a map containing many scattered chests full of goodies. The last man standing wins, but sometimes, it is difficult to do this. Accumulating a victory in the Blitz Survival Games can pose to be a rather difficult feat. Luckily, there is now a guide for players in need of such help, so read on to discover some of the tactics of survival.....​
    Understanding: All new players to this game must first understand the concepts of it, one cannot simply figure out a game just by looking at it. The easiest way to accumulate this information is to click the link here. Other than that, generally knowledge of how BSG works can simply be obtained by playing it, and examining or observing each game. If someone has trouble outside of this, they should simply ask someone for help.​
    Teams: Sometimes, it is good to have a teammate, someone trustworthy to fight beside. It is easiest to acquire a teammate before a game. Friends tend to make good teammates, having friends is a good trait. Teams are encouraged among new and inexperienced players in the realm of pvp and BSG. Teams with many good and experienced players makes the game easy and unfair, causing others not to have as much fun. Generally, good players should try to complete games on their own, this makes them fun and challenging. Teams of three or more is not advisable, generally it is unfair, except in the circumstance that all other players are in giant teams. If someone has been invited to join a team, it is likely that this team will be safe to enter, with low chance of betrayal. Inviting someone to join a team and then betraying them displays disloyalty, it is unadvised to do so due to the fact that it gives a bad reputation, and makes this player a target to previously betrayed players.​
    Choosing a Game: Those who wish to have a good experience, should first learn maps. In order to do this, one must play it over and over, finding all the little tricks and chests the map has to offer. People can become attached to maps, this is ok as long as they are having fun. A player should play on a map that suites them and their wishes. In the case that there is a team choosing a map, it is polite to let the other team mate(s) choose the map. Experienced and good players tend to have fun playing a variety of maps. The best players have a random selection of everything, in order to stay well rounded. An easy way to choose a random map is to always use the same sign, then the game will be constantly changing. When choosing a map, one should keep in mind that the order in which they enter, tends to be the order in which the players are positioned around the starting circle.​
    Kits & Beginning Minute: Upon entering the game, the player will be in a lobby, when here the best thing to do is simply wait for the game to begin. Socializing and jumping around tends to be a good idea, due to it heating up the players adrenaline and readying him for the battle that is to come. It is however important to note that hunger is decreased while in the lobby, making it a good idea to stand still. When the game starts, a decision must be made as to what class to choose. Generally, this class should be based off the players characteristics. If the player is skilled with a bow, or has trouble obtaining weapons, archer or knight would be a fitting class. Generally, fidgeting around with the classes helps to find the players most skilled area. VIP's who plan on winning the game should always choose the Rouge kit, due to the sword being able to instantly knock off any opponent on the deathmatch. During the section in which one is waiting for the signal to be let loose of his invisible hold, he should take in his surroundings, and assess the best path to take when the game starts. Players tend to get nervous around this time, to prevent it, one can talk in the chat, or do other activities. It is a good idea to make jokes, and be jolly during this time. People enjoy humor, especially during tense times. This will also make the joker a lesser target, due to the fact that he seems to be kind. If the player talking has a high kill total, this discourages other players. If a player comes in contact with such a player, he must remember to stay calm because many kills doesn't necessarily mean skill. This player may also be out of his game, or could have bad luck.​
    When The Hold is Released: Before the game starts the player must make an important decision, this being weather or not to go for the chests in the center. Generally, the smartest thing to do is NOT go for the center chests. If going for the center chest, the player gets three or so items, more if lucky. If charging the center, it is wisest to go for the top chests. This is because people rarely go for the chests on top, only the bottom ones, leaving the player with extra time to capture the loot. 97% of the time charging the center is not a very good idea, only the smartest or extremely experienced players see this. The reasoning to this is that going to the center is a waste of time, the player could have gotten to another safe chest within the time it took to access the middle one! This chest is safe, and away from danger, the player also has a head start because the players charging for the center chests have to go both there and back! Before release, it is also a good idea to plan a route, or have an idea of where to go. This way, the player doesn't feel worried, is faster, and does things more efficiently.​
    Chests: Chests needed to win the game 99.5% of the time, if a player has knowledge of a map, he knows where to find the chests. It's smart to have a route planned for collecting chests, and to know of extra chests in case the player is unlucky in his finds. If one finds that a large amount of chests in an area are empty, leaving it is a good idea. If the chests are taken then all within that area are most likely already plundered, just look somewhere else. If a player is far into the game, dumping items in a chest that he and others would find useless, such as wooden axes or leather caps, is a good idea. Extra inventory is needed to pick up others' loot. To get rid of valuables that are not needed, simply throw them in an unobtainable area, or an isolated region. All chests refill when ten minutes are left to the game. This can be used to ones advantage, by camping at a spot with a large amount of chests.​
    Planning: It's always a good idea to have a plan, as stated earlier it helps players to stay calm. It's always good to have a plan on where to retreat to, generally finding an area like this is hard, but upon discovering it, the player may be undefeatable when in this layer. An attack plan is always good, going head on into a battle can be deadly. Think about the situation, finding the best attack time and point are key to winning battles. Have a plan for everything, think it out and all of the possibilities. Through doing this, the player does not only make wise decisions, but is also likely to have a better time due to having more satisfaction in himself.​
    Basic PVP Tactics: PvP is a huge part of BSG, it's not just luck that forges winners, but the skill. When entering a battle, it is wise to assess the players traits, find his weakness and use it against him. Because of this it is useful to remember the players encountered. Criticle hits are a big advantage in PvP, the initial blow should always be a critical shot as long as the player is the deliver of the first swing. Criticle hits do up to 50% more damage for all weapons, 300% more when using bare fists. It is a good tactic to hit the player then back off, then hit again, this aggravates the player so he makes bad decisions, it also keeps the player from needing to absorb as many blows. Circling the enemy is also a good tactic, as it disorients them and gives the player the upper-hand. When fighting, retreating is not advised unless there is a place to retreat to. Retreating players tend to die, except for those with a plan. When coming upon a player, it is best to assess if he is to much to take on, if there is a group to big to defeat, staying away is a good idea. When a player is looking in a chest or a GUI, it is best to get really close, and then criticle hit him as much as possible, this kills most players. It is always good to practice PvP regularly, some games such as minecraft Capture The Flag yield PvP every second, this is very good training both for PvP and tactics. A video explaining bow and sword tactics can be accessed here.​
    Height Advantage: Having a height advantage is almost always a good thing, even if it is one block up or down. A player coming at another with a height advantage will most likely be knocked down, causing extra damage and even instant death. It can be helpful to retreat to a high place such as a mountain or staircase if the player has a way to knock the other player off, from there the player can hit others off, which can result in lots of extra damage. The lower ground can also be an advantage in many cases, these would be if there is a bow battle, in this case one likely to hit the higher player off a cliff, and it is generally easier to aim while on lower surfaces. In water battles it's best to dive under to hit the other players, as it gets more hits on them and less on the diver. If one is shot at, diving in water is good due to water disorienting arrows. In melee battles, it's best to be on the lower grounds because the lower player tends to get more hits on the higher one, and takes few blows. Seeking these advantages is helpful, and can win the player a game.​
    Enchanting: If a player is in good shape, and has xp to spend, it's best to head to the center to enchant. It is best to look around before enchanting, sneak attacks while enchanting are often fatal. A sharpness one sword is better than the teer above it, and equivalent to the one above that one (sharpness one stone sword=diamond sword). Armour with protection one is almost equivalent to the teer above it, meaning protection one iron boots are equal to diamond boots. It is not wise to put more than one level into enchanting a single item. Level one is the primary level for good enchants. Some items have different enchanting traits than others. A stone sword enchanted at level one has a 99% chance to get sharpness one, however the same level on an iron sword only yields sharpness one 60% of the time. Gold is one of the most enchantable resources, gold armor has a small chance to get level two enchantments on level one enchanting, such as projectile protection two.​
    Blitz Star: After five minutes into the match, the Blitz Star will be randomly placed into one of the chests scattered throughout the map, however it seems after a given number of chests are opened it is placed in the chest the last player opened. This being said, in order to obtain the blitz star it is wise to open as many chests as possible. The blitz star is a very precious item, it will grant the player who wields it special abilities. Upon obtaining it, the player can right click the Blitz Star to access it's menu. In this menu are a variety of abilities to choose form. Extra abilities are accessible in the gem shop. To select an ability all one must do is click it from the list. It is best to look through these abilities as soon as obtaining the star, to assess which would be best to use. When a case presents itself where the wielder of the star sees it may be a tough battle, he should use the Star, choosing the ability he established earlier, and attack the target. The blitz star may not be used 45 seconds prior to when deathmatch starts, so one should use it beforehand.​
    Deathmatch: As soon as there are only three players remaining, or the time limit upon the scoreboard is reached, a deathmatch will commence. If there are three players left, a countdown of 45 seconds will be started for the match to be started. As soon as it is realized that the match will start soon, a player should attempt to get his food bar down. When his food is down, it is advised for him to eat his most saturative food and stand still. Saturation is explained here. The deathmatch arena is constructed of obsidian, and is a circle roughly 30 blocks in diameter. The platform will grow smaller as the match progresses. When teleported here, a player should not move much at first to save hunger, and keep eye contact with players the entire time. Having a full food bar can be crucial to winning, due to it regenerating the players helth. It is never a good idea to eat during the fight unless the other players are distracted in a heated battle. It is not wise to use a bow in the match, unless the bowsman is as skilled as Etho. It is not a good idea to go near the edge of the platform, due to the high possibility of being knocked off. If a player is not in tip top shape, it is advised that he circle the platform, and stay away form the other opponents, as they will ignore the runner and turn towards each other. When it is the final two players, PvP skill is required, the final two players tend to get into a suspenseful battle, it is best to try hardest to keep eye contact with the enemy, for that is the main reason that most swings are unsuccessful.​
    Luck: Even with As much strategy that tends to be needed to win, luck usually also plays a big part in it. A player can go through a hundred chests and only find food, whereas another can sort through 10 and achieve a full set of iron equiptment. Luck can not obtained, meaning that there will always be rounds that a player will lose. Because BSG involves a lot of luck, many players get upset that they are not winning as easily as before. Or they may complain that the game is unfair. This should be kept in mind, for it is not good to have a bad attitude. Attitude plays just as big of a roll as strategy, because when angry a persons IQ drops dramatically. IQ is what effects a persons ability to compute a situation. In dealing with a lower IQ, one will not know how to handle it, and thus make worse decisions. If someone has a positive attitude, everything is fun, and happy people tend to win more often. Most people's first games are fun, so they have a positive attitude. This is there are first timer, or noob wins. People also like positive attitudes, players who always smile tend to get more requests to join teams.​
    Purchases: If a match is to be won, or a player is to get a kill, he will obtain coins. These coins can be used to buy upgrades. It is wise to think about what one is to buy. Buying a 2200 coin upgrade of the blitz star is most likely wiser than going for a 16,000 coin kit that someone has rendered useless. Sometimes people do not know what the next kit upgrade does, there is a guide for this here.​
    Items Destruction: As a player gets far into a game, he may acquire junk, or items he does not necessarily need anymore. It is best to dispose of these items through burning if this player is in a spot that is safe and has free time. If fire is not available, it is best to dump the items in a hard to reach, or inaccessible area, such as a large pit or underwater. If the player is really far into the game, it is possible for him to feel safe dumping semi-valuable items into a chest. Freeing up inventory means the player can pick up that of others more easily, it also keeps the opponents from obtaining to many valuables if the player is to die.​
    There are many variables affecting the victory of a Blitz Survival Games player. Many of which are listed above, or mentioned for anyone to use. The outcome all depends on the player, and their luck. This was written so that newer players may gain some basic techniques, and to keep the good players from winning too much.​
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    Great guide! I can't wait for the Blitz Star guide and the Deathmatch part. I don't understand the Blitz Star idea yet, and I've never been in Deathmatch so I don't know what to expect from that other than a free for all.
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    I dunno if it was really this guide, but I just won my first Blitz Games o-o
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  4. Lol :) It may be, however this guide is rather new. It's version one, and iv'e only spent 3 hours making it. I will be sure to proofread and add info soon ;)
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    >>iv'e only spent 3 hours making it
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  6. Lol :D I spent 10 hours making one of my posts, and much more time thinking about it :) If I am having fun, it's no problem spending hours on it :rolleyes:
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    Maybe add pictures to it, it makes it more interesting to people.
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  8. I will take pictures if you can get some good ones :) I am bad with that :D
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  9. Nice, I'm sure this will help many inexperienced players.
  10. A lot of effort put into this! Good help!


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  11. I should be updating this today, it is currently sloppy and needs a makeover ;)
    Update: Have improved the guide, suggestions are much appreciated
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    Very nice, probably will create my own tutorial soon (of my strategies)
    There are quite a few tips in here which will help me!
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    What i'm waiting for is the official Kit guide. That will be amazing.
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  15. No, it took in all, 6 hours. But ya, lots of work :D
    I may make a kit guide, I just need to buy most of them ;)
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    Buying them is the hard hard part.
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    Yours has more detail than mine because mine was released before the game was. But still, great job :D
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  18. Yes, this guide also has a link to yours ;) Yours explains the gameplay, mine gives basic strategy to people :)
  19. I just made a kit guide, will put a link to it in this guide ;)
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    Seen it already, and right now it's the best we got :p

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