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  1. Today we've released a brand new Blitz Surival Games update including achievements, new kits, prestiges, 3 new maps, 1 legacy map returning and a lot more! Check out the changelog below or join the Blitz lobby to see them in-game.

    New Maps

    ▶ Prestige System

    For the truly dedicated players, we are introducing a Prestige system. Any kit can be Prestige'd, giving added bonuses (and of course, prestige) but you must have reached Level X with the kit before you're able to unlock them.

    They are priced at 2,000,000 coins each and give the following:
    • Unique Prestige Finisher while using the Prestige kit
    • +1 coin on kill while using the Prestige kit
    • Golden Kit name
    • Golden Kit items


    ▶ Blitz Hour
    Starting from now, every 4 hours there will be a Blitz Hour where all games that are started during this period will have 2x Coins and Maxed Kits. This will allow players to try out kits they are thinking about unlocking, whilst gaining some extra coins to unlock them as well.

    ▶ Stats Tracking
    Another major feature we'll be releasing this update is stats tracking. Starting from now, all kits will have unique tracked stats like how many times you've used a kit, how many people you have killed using a kit and how many wins you have with that kit. Ultimate bragging rights!

    Important Note: This will NOT track previous stats, as the data was not previously tracked per kit.

    ▶ New Kits
    With this update we're introducing 4 new kits, to allow more variety and unique gameplay in Blitz. Click the buttons below to find out more about these kits.

    Warlock X:
    3x Drinkable Potion of Instant Damage I & Strength I (7s)
    Purple Leather Helmet
    Diamond Chestplate (Unbreaking X)
    Purple Leather Leggings
    Stone Sword (Unbreaking X)

    Warlock is to be priced at 20.000 coins with a network level requirement of 40
    Diver X:
    Diamond Boots (Depth Strider III, Protection II)
    Black Leather Leggings
    Black Leather Chestplate
    Golden Helmet (Aqua Affinity I, Respiration III, Protection II)
    Stone Sword

    Diver is to be priced at 10.000 coins with a network level requirement of 15
    Guardian X:
    Potion of Health Boost I (20:00)
    3x Potion of Instant Health I
    Leather Helmet
    Iron Chestplate
    Leather Leggings
    Iron Boots
    Stone Axe

    Guardian is a free kit with no network level requirement!
    Viking X:
    Diamond Axe
    Iron Helmet (Protection III)
    Leather Chestplate
    Iron Boots (Protection III)
    16x Cooked Fish

    Viking is to be priced at 10.000 coins with a network level requirement of 15

    ▶ New and Returning Blitz Stars
    With this update we're also introducing 5 new blitz stars and bringing 1 blitz star back from the legacy vault.

    All chests are closed and unopenable for the rest of the game.
    Cost: 5.000 Coins

    Time Warp
    Get an activatable item that when used teleports you back to where you were 10 seconds ago and heals you for 5 hearts. (One-time use)
    Cost: 10.000 Coins

    Acid Rain
    It starts raining for 30 seconds, when outside or not below a block you take 1.5 hearts of damage per second.
    Cost: 15.000 Coins

    For the rest of the game, whenever you hit someone using your fist you Poison and Slow them for 2 second with Poison I & Slowness I.
    Cost: 15.000 Coins

    Gives you an activatable item that when used on an enemy you steal the item they are currently holding. (One-time use), If they are holding more of 1 item at once (like a stack) it steals the entire stack.
    Cost: 5.000 Coins

    Lucky Charm
    Gives exp over time, 1 level every second, up to between 20 and 30 levels.
    Cost: Free

    ▶ New Kill Effect
    We are introducing a new Kill Effect which instead of being a generic buff is something more unique.

    Gravedigger Kill Effect
    On Kill you spawn a zombie that follows you and helps you in battles.
    Cost: 5.000 Coins

    ▶ Kit Balancing
    This time around we've got something special in store for you, today we will be releasing the lower level kit rework that should make the kits a lot more new player friendly and hopefully will restore a major part of the balance in Blitz. Starting from now future balance patches will also focus more on the lower level kits to try and tweak things when necessary. Due to the amount and size of changes we decided it'd be a better idea to share the sheet with all changes instead of listing them. Click the link below for a full list of changes.

    Kit Balancing can be found HERE

    ▶ Blitz Star Balancing
    Blitz stars have remained unchanged for a long time which caused the heavy meta we're currently in, so today we'll be releasing some Blitz Star Balancing that'll hopefully shake up the meta.

    Besides the balancing there'll also be some time adjustments for the blitz star spawn time in Teams.
    The Blitz Star in team mode now spawns at 3 Minutes.

    Current: Encaged everyone except you on the map for 15 seconds, user gets Speed IV
    Updated: Everyone freezes and sits down for 10 seconds, making it impossible to move.

    Vault Hunter
    Current: Pick one of 27 items from a chest (Maximum Enchants: Protection III, Sharpness II)
    Updated: Diamond Armor pieces can not have any enchantments, Diamond Swords can not have any enchantments. Fire Aspect is now capped at level I

    Current: Clears your inventory and replaces it with the inventory of the person with the most kills.
    Updated: Clears the inventory and armor of the person with the most kills. (If you are the person with the most kills, it will clear your own inventory).

    Current: Reflects all damage onto damager for 30 seconds. Also gives the user Jump Boost II for the duration.
    Updated: Reflects all damage onto damager for 30 seconds. Also gives the user Weakness I for the duration.

    Current: Go invisible for 2 minutes or until you attack, it also gives regeneration for the same duration.
    Updated: Gain Speed IV/V and go invisible for 2 minutes or until you attack, your first attack during this period blinds the target for 3 seconds, once you come out of invisibility you gain speed 2 for 1 minute.

    Note: If entered deathmatch while invisible, you become visible and you lose the blind on next hit, You do not lose the speed though.

    Note: Ninja does not display a message when used unlike the other blitz stars, instead it displays the ‘BLITZ STAR | NINJA!’ message when you come out of invisibility.

    Current: Gives you 1x Bow (Infinity I, Flame I) and 1x Arrow
    Updated: Randomly gives you one of 3 items, options:
    - 1x Bow (Flame), 32x Arrow
    - 1x Iron Chestplate (Protection II), 1x Iron Leggings (Protection II)
    - 1x Iron Sword (Sharpness I)

    Sweg Move:
    Current: Teleport all players to you after 5 seconds (Conditions: may not be in air)
    Updated: Teleport all players back to spawn locations.

    ▶ New Achievements
    After a long time it's been decided that Blitz could use some new achievements so here they are.


    So Shiny: Unlock a prestige kit (15 AP)
    Collector: Unlock 3 level X kits (15 AP)
    Sail Away: Travel 500 blocks by boat in a single game while using the Viking kit (10 AP)
    Max Blitz: Wear a set of max blitz armor (Iron Helmet, Iron Chestplate, Chain Leggings, Iron Boots) (5 AP)
    Too Basic..: Use every single basic kit at least once (10 AP)
    Experimentation: Use every single kill effect at least once (10 AP)
    Preference: Customize a kit to your own likings (5 AP)
    Nickname: Rename an item in your kit (5 AP)


    Master of Kits: Win 10/50/100/250/500 games using a single kit. (5/10/15/20/25 AP)
    Kit Expert: Kill 100/500/1000/2500/5000 players using a single kit (5/10/15/20/25 AP)
    RNG Master: Win 10/50/100/250/500 games using the random kit (5/10/15/20/25 AP)

    ▶ New KillCounters
    To reward players with a lot of kills we're introducing 2 new killcounters with high kill requirements!
    They unlock at 50000 and 100000 kills and look like this:

    ▶ Miscellaneous Changes
    • Bow Damage: Power II should now scale better making it more balanced and usable.
    • Advanced Kits Viewing: Advanced kits are now viewable without owning them
    • Auto Equip: Auto Equip has been revamped to now look at Protection values and general armour values in a better way!
    • Killcounter: Kill counters now show again in lobbies!
    • Blitz Star Spawn Time: In teammode, the blitz star now spawns at 3:00 instead of 3:40
    • Teammode deathmatch timer: In teammode, the deathmatch timer now starts from 60 seconds when 6 players are remaining
    • Pixelville: Pixelville is now back in the solo map rotation.
    • Coin Messages: Getting coins is now displayed in a more smooth and better looking way.

    ▶ Bug & Map Fixes

    • Fixed not receiving the correct speed level from the victory dance if you already had speed.
    • Fixed Confirmation menu opening for blitzes you already own.
    • Fixed Kitnames or Teammate names cutting off on the scoreboard.
    • Fixed killing players with mobs or TNT not registering.
    • Fixed players getting stuck in the air at the start of the game.
    • Fixed the "Find a head" achievement.
    • Fixed "Make this your default kit"-item in the shop having wrong lore.
    • Fixed Horsetamer 2 egg being unusable.
    • Rewrote some of the deathmatch handling to avoid rare issues of being stuck in the air or dying of fall damage.
    • Fixed some "tamed" mobs not being spawned to deathmatch (especially Jockeys).
    • Rewrote some of the border code to eliminate some previous issues (like border being invisible, sending wrong messages, ...).
    • Fixed a misplaced exclamation mark in kill messages.
    • Fixed typo in Rampage achievement description.
    • Fixed Vaulthunter removing chests that have been there before.
    • Fixed Lucky #7 achievement.
    • Fixed Robinhood Blitz Star working with potions.
    • Fixed Robinhood Blitz Star not stopping after getting a kill.
    • Fixed getting Speedy Kills achievement in No Kits Mode.
    • Fixed pregame scoreboard being in the wrong language in some cases.
    • Fixed Rabbit's Foot achievement.
    • Fixed some smaller damage / death issues.
    • Fixed the "Team" being empty instead of showing "None!" in teams mode, if you never had a teammate.
    • Fixed issues causing Titanium achievement not being given.
    • Alice: Fixed an area in the map that allowed some players to get out of the map.
    • Alice: Fixed the deathmatch area to now allow some players to get out of the map.
    • Caelum: Removed a sign that wasn't supposed to be there.
    • Caelum v2: Fixed a sign saying "Caelum" instead of "Caelum v2".
    • Cattle Drive: Fixed an exploit that lets you get out of the map.
    • Kthulu Island: Removed an unescapable hole.
    • Mirador Basin: Fixed an exploit that lets you get out of the map.
    • Pixelville: Fixed an unreachable area you could glitch into.
    • Seafloor: Fixed a typo.
    • Shroom Valley: Freed a blocked chest.
    • Stoneguard: Fixed border start way too far out.
    • Stoneguard: Fixed border not being centered correctly.

    Massive thanks to @SirHuntPredator , @OrangeMarshall and @xHascox and the rest of the Player Council for helping out with the update!
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    Blitz is finally getting some love! Hype!
    Edit : Wasn't statis supposed to be nerfed or something? It's just extremely more OP now.
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  4. The update is amazing!
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    enjoying the new stuff already. hype train now boarding
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    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update Guild update

    Edit: tbh I do like this update tho : )
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    Hopefully this will bring back Blitz to its former glory..
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  9. cmd f wl update

    but then it's blitz, i wish it would be as fun as it was 3 yearss ago monkas
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  10. Thank you, it's amazing <3
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    Hype! Thank you for the update :D
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  13. New update! Exciting!

    Great work guys, as always. :)
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    thank you for the update guys <3
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  18. Guild update next.

    EDIT: Please, after all these years. I need to rest in peace.
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  19. isnt the new hunter 9 going to be stronger than the new hunter 10? after all at level 9 you can enchant your armor and only give up 2 arrows and 2 seconds of speed?
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  20. kits getting more broken :3
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