1. I CALLED IT! I knew this thread would be released. Now it's time to over-analyze it.
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  2. Thats pretty need!!
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  3. Thanks for bringing this so much all of you, i liked it alot!

    (@Nitroholic_ mostly you because youre Minigame Developer)
  4. Zekeplayzz

    Zekeplayzz Member

    Cool, love it!
  5. AhMing

    AhMing Well-Known Member

    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    Chaos mode seems to be interesting!
    @Enderchew Exciting gameplay incoming
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  6. Yay
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  7. x_x


    x_x Well-Known Member

    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    No holy warrior big sad;(
  8. btw it still says "you get your kit after 60 seconds" in lobby when choosing a kit in chaos mode, even tho it's 30 seconds.

    Hope this is useful
  9. NERF
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  10. Sooo Pit next, right?
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  11. I'm here to present my over-analyzed view of this thread.

    here come the achievement hunters!
    In all, it looks like a pretty good map. The purple windows gives a good look to it, and the name is pretty cool. It gives me the feeling of a Halloween map. Mid could have used a bit more work.
    It looks like a castle with a small village in the outer walls. Seems like one of those maps where deathmatch might have a good number of people, as the castle looks pretty big, and finding other people would be hard to do. I personal like the windmill on the left, and if you look closely you will see a giant pit in the bottom right. The mid layer of the castle has sand, gravel, and palm trees, so I'd say it's an outdoors area. I don't really get the name (I don't get most Hypixel map names though :confused:) But It's a pretty good looking map.
    Now we get to the returning maps.

    In the back are some cool looking pillars with lava running down them. In-between some pillars are pink/red and orange/yellow objects that I would say are stacked boxes. I only see one ship, but it seems to be transporting hay. The name fits perfectly, and it looks like another great map.
    Just the name put chills down my spine. It's a map of what appears to be a town with a large supply of coal. The name hints at it being a town with lots of coal miners that are probably depressed. Cool looking map.
    I'm naturally biased when it comes to snow maps, and this one is no exception. The mid layout is amazing, and the pistons in the floor were a great design detail. I feel like getting on the map, and climbing the mountain. The name is a very well suited, and Overall I can see why they brought it back.
    I can already guess that the white building is a bank, and the building next the umbrella tables is a restaurant. The fountain is also a good addition, and The name is very fitting.
    I'm guessing it's going to be just as sweaty as Skywars corrupted games.
    The blitz equivalent to skywars mythical kits.
    Grinding kills for an upgrade! nooooo!
    That's actually a really smart move.
    The kill effect makes the game a bit more fair, and the blitz powers are looking pretty good.
    I'm really not enjoying the colors here.

    (Now all they need to do is update Skyclash.)
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
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  12. I hope so.
  13. This entire update sucks. Chaos mode is trash, more kits is the last thing we need, and the blitz economy is still garbage not welcoming new players.
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  14. SkyWars esque update to Blitz was actually a really good idea

    Maybe I'll finally enjoy playing this game again
  15. Literally who wanted this
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  17. Maps are so cool !!
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  18. I really like Chaos mode. It's like a training ground for you to test out blitz stars.
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