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    Hello all!

    Today we're pleased to release a new Blitz Survival Games update including a new mode, 2 new maps, achievements, ultimate kits, and a lot more!

    A follow up patch has been released which removes Chaos mode. More info on the patch can be found here.

    New Maps

    Returning Maps
    With this update, we'll also be returning some community favorites like Docks V2, Despair V2, Peaks, and City!


    New Mode: Chaos
    Blitz Chaos is a fast-paced version of Blitz which includes the following changes:
    • Kits are given 30 seconds into the game.
    • All kits are unlocked and maxed.
    • Players get permanent saturation, so no food worries!
    • Chests refill every 60 seconds.
    • Blitz Stars spawn every 60 seconds, first one at the time of kits being given.
    • Blitz Stars are rewarded on kills.
    • Kills give all players Speed II for 20 seconds.
    • Deathmatch will start sooner at a higher player count.
    • Blitz Star abilities can only be used once per game, per player.

    Ultimate Kits
    We've added a new Kits category, Ultimate Kits. These kits can only be unlocked by completing specific achievements. Once the kit is unlocked, you can level up the kit by using the kit in-game. Using the kit in-game will earn you EXP towards that kit, each level requires a specific amount of EXP to upgrade.

    Prestige II
    For the even more dedicated players, we are introducing a second prestige into Blitz. Prestige II offers kit gameplay changes and similar to the first prestige any kit can be upgraded to the second prestige as long as they meet the requirements:
    • Kit must already be prestige I.
    • You must have 5,000 kills and 500 wins with the kit.

    Blitz Hour Changes
    After the response of Blitz Hour from the community, we have decided to make some changes to Blitz Hour so it's fairer. Blitz Hour no longer max all kits, but only the random kit. However, the coin multiplier remains.

    New Achievements
    With a new mode comes new achievements but besides that, we've also done some rebalancing for already existing achievements!
    Ranged Combat (TIERED): Kill Players using a bow (The final tier of this achievement unlocks the Ranger kit)
    Fighting Expert (TIERED): Kill Players using a melee weapon (The final tier of this achievement unlocks the Warrior kit)
    Mob Master (TIERED): Spawn Mobs (The final tier of this achievement unlocks the Donkeytamer kit)
    Kit Collector (TIERED): Unlock Advanced or Ultimate kits. (The final tier of this achievement unlocks the Phoenix kit)
    Blitz Chaos Winner (TIERED): Win games of Blitz Chaos
    Kit Experience Collector (TIERED): Earn Kit Experience
    Ultimate Combatant (5 AP): Kill someone using an Ultimate kit
    Ultimate Completist: (15 AP): Max out an Ultimate kit
    Ultimate Prestige: (15 AP): Prestige an Ultimate kit
    Chaotic Madness: (5 AP): Use 5 Blitz Stars in a single Blitz Chaos game
    Phoenix Master: (10 AP) Max out the Phoenix kit
    Donkeytamer Expert: (10 AP) Max out the Donkeytamer kit
    First Ranger: (10 AP) Max out the Ranger kit
    Brutal Warrior: (10 AP) Max out the Warrior kit
    Safety First: (10 AP) Survive until Deathmatch without taking any damage
    Close Call: (5 AP) Kill a player whilst being on 0.5 hp
    Even Shinier: (15 AP) Unlock a prestige 2 kit
    Final Destination: (15 AP) Win a game where Ragnarok, Lockdown, Apocalypse, Acid Rain, Infection and Nuke were activated.

    Play a game with a youtuber: Removed
    Lucky minions: 5 > 10 AP
    No problem: 5 > 10 AP
    #pigrider77: 5 > 10 AP
    Bomberman: 5 > 10 AP
    Can’t decide: 15 > 5 AP
    Cooking Expert: 5 > 10 AP
    First Blood: 10 > 5 AP
    Rabbit’s Foot: 5 > 10 AP
    Rampage: 10 > 15 AP
    So Shiny: 15 > 20 AP
    Unfortunate: 5 > 10 AP
    Unstoppable: Kill 5 Players within 15s > Kill 4 Players within 12s
    Looter (TIERED):
    I: 25 > 100
    II: 250 > 1000
    III: 1500 > 2500
    IV: 5000
    V: 15000 > 10000

    Balancing Changes
    In this update we'll be including some small balancing changes, expect some changes after the update once everything has settled in!

    Kill Effects:
    Speed: Gain speed for 20s on kill and gain 1 heart > Gain speed for 15s on kill and gain 1.5 hearts.

    Tim X: No longer gets a Leather Helmet

    Chest loot:
    Increased rate of exp bottles significantly.

    Blitz Stars:
    Infection: Now Poisons & Slows for 3 seconds rather than 2 seconds
    Time Warp: Now fully heals the player upon activation.
    Robinhood: Now gives 1 arrow upon use.
    Assassin: Now deals 5 hearts of damage rather than 6 hearts.
    Lockdown: Now also locks down Crafting Tables and Enchantment Tables
    Ninja: No longer gives teammates the buff in Teams mode
    Roulette: Now gives 500 coins to whoever dies to it.

    New KillCounters
    A much-requested feature by the community was to add more killcounter cosmetics to the game, with this update we'll be introducing the following tiers:

    25000: [25000]
    75000: [75000]
    150000: [150000]
    200000: [200000]
    250000: [250000]
    300000: [300000]

    Besides these additional killcounters, all killcounters will now display the full number rather than being shortened.

    Blitz Star Changes
    To increase the usage of certain Blitzes we have made major changes or revamped the following blitz stars:

    Vampire (REVAMPED): Now heals for 50% of the damage you deal for the duration, No longer drains nearby enemies.
    Pickpocket (REVAMPED): Now for the rest of the game you have a 10% chance to disarm an enemy on hit, No longer gives an activatable item to steal an item.
    Wither Warrior (REVAMPED): Now every hit for a duration of 20 seconds will apply Withering III for 3 seconds. No longer gives a sword.
    Invoker: Removed TNT Fountain, Death Curse and Creeper Army scroll, Smite scroll now lights target on fire, Poison Bolt scroll now applies Poison II for 10s rather than Poison I.

    Ragnarok (NEW): For the rest of the game everyone in the game only has 5 hearts.

    Quest Changes

    Play a game of Blitz: Now rewards 2500 coins rather than 1750
    Win a game of Blitz: Now rewards 2500 coins instead of 1750 and is changed to Win a game of Normal Blitz
    Kill players in Blitz: Now rewards 2500 coins rather than 1750
    Weekly Blitz: Changed to Play 15 games of Normal Blitz & Win 5 games & Kill 30 Players, also now rewards 20000 exp and 5000 coins rather than 21000 exp and 4500 coins.
    Win a game of Chaos Blitz (NEW): Win a game of Chaos Blitz
    Blitz Chaos Weekly (NEW): Play 15 games of Blitz Chaos & Win 5 Games of Blitz Chaos & Use 30 Blitz Stars in Blitz Chaos

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that caused spectator items to be dropped by death to fall damage.
    • Fixed a bug that caused potion colors to not match effects.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Assassin to sometimes teleport to teammates.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Shotgun Stock to do damage to yourself but not the enemy when deathmatch first starts.

    Massive thanks to @SirHuntPredator and the rest of the Player Council for helping out with the update!
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