1. Hello! So quite a while ago (October 2017) someone made a thread called "Blitz Players by Country". He asked for submissions and then stopped updating it 2 weeks later. I'm here to bring that back, not only because I'd like to see myself added, but I'd also like to see others added aswell! All credit goes to @Kataclysmal for the original idea and everything he put into this thread before he stopped updating it. Let's do this :)
    ~This is the most replied to thread in the blitz forums of 2018~
    9th most replied to thread of all time in the blitz forums
    ~This is the most viewed thread in the blitz forums of 2018~
    17th most viewed of all time in the blitz forums
    Requirements: 5,000 kills and/or 500 wins in Blitz SG
    Players With Countries: 163
    (Don't see yourself? Comment your IGN and country!)

    Albania (1)

    Armenia (1)

    Argentina (1)

    Australia (4)


    Belgium (4)


    Bosnia and Herzegovina (1)

    Brazil (1)


    Cameroon (1)


    Canada (16)


    Croatia (1)


    Curacao (1)

    Chile (2)

    China (1)

    Czech Republic (1)



    Denmark (1)



    Easter Island (1)


    England (13)


    Finland (1)

    France (7)


    Germany (3)

    Greece (1)


    Hungary (1)


    Ireland (5)

    Israel (7)
    (RaiksCry aka some kid that cheats and thinks he's cool)

    Italy (2)




    Malta (1)

    Mexico (2)

    Moldova (1)


    Netherlands (18)

    (fx2) >10th Dutch!

    New Zealand (5)

    North Sudan (1)

    Norway (1)


    Philippines (1)

    Poland (1)



    Romania (1)

    Russia (2)


    Scotland (1)

    South Korea (2)

    Spain (1)

    Sweden (2)


    Saudi Arabia (2)




    United States of America (47)



    Vietnam (1)


    Wales (1)



    If there are any errors in this please let me know, I'll fix them right away. And if you aren't on this list feel free to comment your ign and what country you're from :)
    EDIT: I'm not changing any IGN's on this list, the IGN you comment with is the one that stays on the list.
    ~Update Log~
    Update #1
    added update log
    added thread status
    added thread achievements
    removed countries with zero people (central republic of africa, cyprus, haiti, iceland, iraq, jamaica, japan, laos, luxembourg, portugal, qatar, south africa, switzerland, thailand)
    added player counter
    added requirements
    removed player rankings
    removed players who don't meet the requirements

    Update #2
    added Armenia
    added Moldova
    added Romania
    changed the stat requirements

    Update #3
    added North Sudan
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2019 at 11:00 PM
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  2. murica
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  3. added!
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  4. Oonaugh_

    Oonaugh_ Well-Known Member


    btw u can add me in ireland plz thank xddddDdd
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
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  5. ign?
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  6. heey im ther
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  7. cooooooooooooool
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  8. ifiw

    ifiw Well-Known Member

    S.Korea for me
  9. added!
  10. eeriness

    eeriness Well-Known Member

    Drops DROPS
    btw it's ksctdd

    and @Oonaugh_'s IGN is Oonaugh
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  11. Taii

    Taii Well-Known Member

    @Davu and I are from the land of Canadia
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  12. fixed + added!
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  13. IGN of Davu?
  14. Taii

    Taii Well-Known Member

    Furrious atm
  15. pepsi_man

    pepsi_man Active Member

    add HHHHHHHHHHHHHH for Ethiopia
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  16. ign Jahango - Canada
  17. I only have 1.3k kills but you can add me if you want (America)
  18. STOPPIT123

    STOPPIT123 Member

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  19. I lived in the U.S. but this is reserved for veterans only.
  20. UHC_ England

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