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  1. haha You thought I stopped making ideas for blitz? or I left blitz behind? Nah! Not just yet. :)

    Kit Experience
    Each kit will have a kit level, By leveling those kits, You can get 5 kit experience in each game when the game finish and each kill is 15 kit experience and a win is 30 kit experience, This does not effect anything in the game, It just shows you how much you play with that kit, I don't have any ideas what it should do

    Scramble Names and skin Change
    People still target you STILL.. they need to remove /fw <tab> etc and remove the name tags, and make it have you a alex or steve skin, When the kits were given, the name tags will return and you will get your skin

    /nick Fix
    Nick isn't really working that well, This is a change to /nick on the whole network not just blitz, I didn't wanted to post this in the server discussion or ideas and feedback because I just wanted to point this out here, My idea is when you do /nick It will sent you to a place, there will be 100+ skins, Cookie monster, etc Under those skins there will be a sign "Click here to activate the skin" after you click the sign, It will say "Think of a name for your nickname, Say anything in the chat and it will choose it" After you done all of those, It will sent you to the lobby with the skin you chosen and your nick choice
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  2. #2
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  3. I'm good with all of these
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  4. Nice mature "omg this kid disliked my post better dislike his for no reason!!!!!!!!!"

    You were just extremely rude to my friend expect the dislike
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  5. scout04

    scout04 Active Member

    This may be broken. But the experience could give you a discount on the next level of that kit, for example. Spel X -1mil coins. But with 200kit exp it's only 920k? The kit exp is consumable though. So you lose it with the level. Or you could have it stack and just make it so that higher levels get less of a discount. You can also choose whether or not to use that exp wh n buyin. Nice post :)
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  6. blitz is still cancer full of salty players that either think they are the best and only blame their death on hacks or just rude people in general that target you over and over .. once the community matures a little more and they actually get an anti cheat that works, blitz will be good again.. until then blitz is the worst game on hypixel
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2016
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  7. Gj you cLicked Someone go tell someone that cares like your mom or somethin idk if you're here to cause a fight just tell everyone spele pick is broken

    Agreeeeeeeeed ;)

    He gave an actual reason why he disliked it you just did it cause your mad over pixel rating good effort though
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  8. @Milotic how cute you know I'm right so you give me an angry pixel rating btw how did your mom react to you clicking a person so well?

    @StevenR8 ;) ur pixel bully is gone
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  9. It gets to the point I just have to laugh it off but these people seriously annoy me. Ah well what can ya do there's always gonna be people like them.
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  10. Interesting
    (And thought you quit)
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  11. Sounds coolio
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  12. I really don't know... I NEED HELP @Ornithology Is this balance? Cuz I don't know xD
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  13. It's interesting... may need a bit more thought
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  14. Sueshe

    Sueshe Well-Known Member

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  15. Thanks for the positive feedback guys! <3
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  16. Interesting

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