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    disagree about having 12 hrs to play in the tournament, this is just encouraging people playing games in frount of the computer in the weekend, maybe 8 hrs? i think

    and plz next skywars tournament
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  2. Cool !
  3. Gr8
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  4. Tourney was fun and all (got in the top 1000) but amount of closet cheaters was absurd. Something really needs to be done especially looking at some of those top 100 stats.
  5. ayy, not bad
    (its called horsetamer)
  6. Incendo

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    I didn't even join in because I was with family. :p
    • Kills: 2,603
    • Assists: 4,262
    • Wins: 227
    I've played enough to know there are cheater but I usually don't know controversy of players other than tacopocket and ocow
  7. Skywars next!!! Solo pls! <3
  8. 12hrs over 48hr period was not healthy, due to time in lobbies you had to be online for about a day, not gonna happen for any casual player...
  9. Didn’t play it due to the hours in 2 days. It’s really unhealthy tho, i would prob end getting blind tf
  10. This tournament was torture XD
    I have always hated blitz but having it as the tournament made it so much worse.
    I don’t think I’m ever playing it again after this XD

    So many try hards and a couple of hackers!
    I played 2 hours and got 0 wins, 6 kills and 0 tourney points x.x
    Sure I’m not very good but still I hated it and the bw tourney was so much more fun.
    I also don’t like that it was duos, a 2 people team seemed like such an odd number for a tourney, 4v4 bw made more sense and we could get more friends to play with. That’s just my opinion though and I know blitz doesn’t go higher then duos.

    For the next tourney I suggest skywars, maybe even a special 4v4 skywars. :D
  11. Thanks for putting the spotlight on blitz; shame that the top players were infested with cheaters. Also, based on those stats, Farmer and Baker are probably the best kits. I could have guessed that. I'd say do a duels tournament; but Christ. If I thought this was bad for cheaters I can't even imagine how bad Duels would be.
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  12. Don't wanna be toxic but you lost most of your games because you're bad at blitz, not because blitz is bad. Cheaters were an issue, but everyone had to deal with it and many players who don't play blitz got good positions.
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  13. lighted

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    Krispy Kream
    It’s over so can the watchdog bot that stays around me constantly go away?
  14. I think the 12 hour game time is alright, but I suggest this:
    In the summer when most players are not working/at school, maybe have longer tournaments. Instead have a week-long tournament where players can play a maximum of 28 hours (i.e. players can do 4hrs a day) in the tournament, spread across the week, and introduce a soft cap for points depending on the game time for further balancing. The issue with doing it on a weekend is that many people have school/work stuff to do and 6hrs a day is quite a bit. Instead, why not host Mini-Tournaments once every three weekends, like an example rotation system below:
    m = total playtime in minutes during the tournament
    p = total points
    F = final score
    n = the variable for the cap effect, a higher value will buff larger play time, a lower value will nerf it.
    Of course, this formula does need tweaking, but you get the point, the final score is essentially points per minute, with weight applied to reward larger playtime.
    The best way to eliminate cheaters is using a client-side anticheat. Hypixel should enable client-side anticheat support on the server side, and allow users to play with the client with all the anticheat features enabled. To ensure maximum users play with the anticheat I propose this (let's call non-client-side anticheat users 'non-users' and client-side anticheat users 'users', the examples use the figures from Blitz but should be adjusted accordingly with the tournament.):
    - Non-users are capped to a certain reasonable amount of points or leaderboard position, e.g. players are capped at 3,000 points and/or #50.
    - Users gain a certain boost in points over non-users, e.g. +10%.
    - Automatic separate queueing for users and non-users, users are queued with other users only (incentive as you are nearly guaranteed to play cheater-free).
    - Moderators only have to watch over the non-user queue and can spectate games more closely.
    - A stricter Tournament-specific punishment system where cheaters gain Tournament bans, stopping them from accessing the next 4 tournaments on the first ban, and then blocking access to the next 10 tournaments with the second ban along with a Tournaments stats wipe, removing all stats, rewards and tributes.
    Top #1 - 800 Tributes + 5M coins + 500,000EXP + 10 Crafted Mystery Boxes + Blaze Pet
    Top #5 - 700 Tributes + 4M coins + 400,000EXP + 9 Crafted Mystery Boxes + Blaze Pet
    Top #10 - 600 Tributes + 3M coins + 300,000EXP + 8 Crafted Mystery Boxes + tBlaze Pet
    Top #25 - 500 Tributes + 2M coins + 200,000EXP + 7 Crafted Mystery Boxes
    Top #50 - 400 Tributes + 1M coins + 100,000EXP + 6 Crafted Mystery Boxes
    Top #100 - 300 Tributes + 500k coins + 50,000EXP + 5 Crafted Mystery Boxes
    Top #250 - 250 Tributes + 400k coins + 40.000EXP + 4 Crafted Mystery Boxes
    Top #500 - 200 Tributes + 300k coins + 30,000EXP + 3 Crafted Mystery Boxes
    Top #1000 - 150 Tributes + 200k coins + 20,000EXP + 2 Crafted Mystery Boxes
    Top #2500 - 100 Tributes + 100k coins + 10,000EXP + 1 Random Crafted Mystery Box
    Top #5000 - 50 Tributes + 50k coins + 5,000EXP

    P.S: I spent a lot of time on this, I hope an admin can find some inspiration or consider some suggestions from this post. I love the idea of Tournament and I find them very cool, despite the fact I myself can't play the full amount of time. I'd love to do them when I have time, over the summer, they are a brilliant way to bring together the community, especially for guilds where players can play with friends in squads and have a ton of fun, competitive or casual.

    Thanks for reading. :)
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  15. I got more points than the #500 player how did i not get in top 500
  16. How is that possible if I had 1094 points and finished #542?
  17. FinlayPacks

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    Skywars tournament please, don’t just focus on dead games to make them more popular, I understand that but skywars needs a tournament as ranked has gone os far down hill, also, do mega doubles as the tournament mode.
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  18. there's been two tournaments?
  19. FinlayPacks

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