1. And let me ask now; why staff only banned low level cheaters and ignored banning high level blatant ones? There's a person with 2 accounts in top 100 who boosted people in top 100 as well.

    Not to mention that #1 and #2 had quit hypixel long ago and came to cheat their @#s off in the tournament and ruin the experience of the legit players.

    This has a negative impact in the server and I'm pretty sure that after the tournament blitz hours are gonna be played by even more cheaters now. Each coin has 2 sides. Staff has to do something. Don't be afraid to ban high level players!

    After tournament ended 100 people in a lobby were complaining about a specific player and staff let him flex in top 20. This has to stop!

    Since hypixel is working with badlion team why don't they require BLC in order to play tournaments. Okay there are ways to cheat in BLC but the amount would be dramatically lower than ever.
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  2. Said a lot...
  3. Jovihi

    Jovihi Well-Known Member

    Jagares JAG
    Mega walls next.
  4. And the hackers take the wins again!
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  5. Choo

    Choo Well-Known Member

    Aye aysuh is here
  6. wow
  7. Thx!
  8. @R4m first of all, go back to school. And second, ik I did cheat, but thats now 7 months ago.
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  9. 12hs is still too long, if you wanted any chance at top 500 at all you basically had to play the 12hs
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  10. honestly the amount of time has some ups, having people playing so long allows cheaters to have more time to be caught by either watchdog or mods.
  11. 7 months ago alright not even a year LOL
  12. I’ve never seen a video about me cheating. I’ve never cheated and have been recording every game I play since I got my new pc a year ago.
  13. Too bad I worked all weekend. #1.4x pay #irl
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  14. Caleb

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  15. it was fun even though I feel really weak after playing for 8 straight hours. saddening to get #53 though :(
  16. R4m


    R4m Active Member

    R4M R4M
    ok, I may just consider you a hacker for being in Andrew's guild of 2017. xD why you join to a hack guild xD?
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  17. can we have a solo tourney next
  18. It's not that many that haven't cheated in a year, because people aren't confirming that they are cheating/cheated. So I would say 7 months is a long time ago. Also, don't judge me, you can't change the time that has past.
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  19. why r u talking like alm5leb
  20. 69 96 :facewithsharkteeths:
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