1. Husky

    Husky Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Where's our quake tournament?
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  2. pb tournament pls
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  3. xMacJ

    xMacJ Active Member

    TeamXesc TX
    Guild Master
    nononono pls think about us aussies out here wiz :,(
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  4. that’s a good click and hope for aussies
  5. nice, hopefully we can see UHC next (The Hypixel uhc. Ultra Hardcore teams of 3)
  6. I couldn't agree more.
  7. Hey, you forgot to mention the hundreds of hackers ruining it for us and you'll finally doing something about them.

    Loved the incognito mode, people could just do and say whatever they wanted, very nice.

    Atleast it was fun to see a lot of players joining blitz, the coins are nice too.
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  8. Agreed
  9. No way..
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  10. Good job to all of the top 100! We need TKR next. ;)
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  11. peehi

    peehi Well-Known Member

    Tild #3 lol in people you guys should have spectated it was him especially
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
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  12. #8! Hope the next one is mega walls ;)
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  13. lmao
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  14. Kolton12O

    Kolton12O Well-Known Member


    This what ya lookin’ for?
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  15. Congratulations to all the players who participated in this tournament. I hope everyone enjoyed, and I'm excited for the next tournament, as I wasn't able to participate in this tournament myself.
  16. I wish the tournament was 60hours (48+12) because the tournament starting at 6PM est is pretty late for me and I can only really grind on day two and that's it (it would guarantee more play time for the 12hour limit).
  17. Hopefully Paintball Tournament is Next
  18. Please make either of the next 2 next:
    - Hole in the wall
    - Cops and Crims


    This is a joke don't take it serious you baboon
  19. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    u only lost 4p if u lose, no big deal honestly.
  20. This tournament was a lot more fun then I thought it would be! there was a lot of cheaters, (especially bhoppers in champion games) but besides that, it was actually very enjoyable! :D

    Now, that we've seen the effects Tournaments have on popular games, and old games, lets test out what effects a tournament for a resource pack game would have. (even though Jayavarmen said there are no plans to have resource pack game tournaments anytime soon) I think we should still have one to see how it turns out, who knows, maybe it'll be the best tournament yet!

    I personally would love to see a TKR tournament, but any resource pack game would do really - TKR, CvC, Warlords, Smash, any!
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