which event is better

  1. Blitz duels

    10 vote(s)
  2. The 2nd one (help me think of name for it)

    23 vote(s)
  1. winner of the last poll https://www.strawpoll.me/16654792/r

    so the competition won on the other poll, and I don’t know how the fuck to make the event

    so here’s another poll and I’ll explain how each event is going to turn out

    Blitz duels tournament gather 16-24 people, and make a tournament bracket. Each match is best out of 3 but you can only use one kit for each match for example... [Match 1, Fight 1] Bob(goes archer) vs Ryan(goes troll) in [Match 1, Fight 2] neither of them can change kits. Anyways the winner gets a blitz booster :d or a rank upgrade

    Blitz tournament/event/olympics idfk If we’re doing teams: at least one person has to record on the team. If we’re doing solo everyone must record. Event is to gather 24 people (12 teams) and play a couple of blitz games until someone reaches enough points. If you win a game you get 3 points and each person you kill, MUST BE IN THE EVENT, you get a single point. first to like 20 points or something. For teams it’s the same concept just tweaked a little. Prize is the same

    yeah I know cheaters may be a problem so if you’re someone that majority of the community finds sketchy you can’t play lol unless you use badlion client on recording (that may change because Idk if you can cheat on blc or not)

    Also some of these ideas may change or whatever so this isn’t finalized

    new ideas could help or anything that can improve the event in general

    thanks for reading​
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  2. AmeliaPlaysBlitz

    AmeliaPlaysBlitz Well-Known Member

    bbbllliiiitttzzzz ddduuuueeeellllsss
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  3. Angrybirdstar

    Angrybirdstar Well-Known Member

    definitely the second. blitz duels is still being ironed out iirc, and anyway it's not a fun way of flexing blitz prowess.

    scoring system seems fine, but maybe go to twenty points and kill points are capped at 4?
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  4. ok, may think about it
  5. Interesting, good luck
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  6. Definitely put a cap on kill points, because if you don't it will be easier to win via kills.

    But yeah, second idea is way better.
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  7. XxDarkTheMVPxX

    XxDarkTheMVPxX Active Member

  8. I wanna be part of this event. But everyone thinks im cheating. I can record all the footage and i play on the BLC.
  9. Probably if you play legit we will let you come
  10. Spidyyyy

    Spidyyyy Well-Known Member

    I prob won't join but id love to watch it, if u can make a video with the best of everyone's footages
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  11. I'm new to blitz, so I probably wont come.
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  12. Good luck on it to whoever wins
  13. I play legit al the time so that isn’t hard
  14. Yeah that was my plan something like uhc on air seasons (if you’ve seen it)
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  15. nah you’ve been hackusated way to often for me to let you in, sorry
  16. Second one.

    But dude 20 points is soo low, imagine that you get 9 kills in a game and you win that game, that would be like 12 points already.
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  17. ya this isn’t finalized, im thinking of making the points higher or having a kill point cap
  18. Okay, bacause im better then most blitz players i cant be part of a fun event. Kinda racist.
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  19. Angrybirdstar

    Angrybirdstar Well-Known Member

    this is gold
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  20. I’ll play when is the event ? Love myself some blitz duels

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