1. Background and Information
    Blaze Armor is currently one of the most forgotten and under powered armor sets in the game. It requires the same amount of grinding as emerald armor, but doesn't come close to its standards. Here's some information about both sets and their full set bonuses.

    Blaze Armor:

    Health: +0
    Defense: +410
    Speed: +8%
    Strength: +20

    Full Set Bonus: Damages mobs for 3% of their max health per second. Also grants permanent Fire and Lava immunity.

    Total EHP (Effective Health Points): 5040

    Emerald Armor:

    Health: +250 (Max Bonus)
    Defense: +520 (Max Bonus)

    Full Set Bonus: Increases Health by +1 and Defense by +1 for every 3,000 emeralds in your collection. Max 250 each.

    Total EHP (Effective Health Points): 7770

    Part of the problem is that when you craft Blaze Armor every piece comes with Fire Protection III. This means you cannot enchant the armor or put protection it. Additionally, with the full set bonus the Fire Protection is useless. There is pretty much no reason as to why the Fire Protection is there by default. The speed bonus isn't too significant, and you can also get strength from foraging, fairy souls, and weapons/reforges. The new Ember Armor also has the permanent Fire and Lava immunity as well.

    • Remove Fire Protection III from each piece.
    • Damages mobs for 3% of their max health per second → 5% of their max health per second
    • 5 Strength each piece → 10 Strength each piece
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  2. What? This is Blaze Armor not Ember Armor. Also, you didn't even read the thread. o_O
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  3. My bad, I say blaze rod for ember rod too; prob shouldn't be using them interchangeably.
  4. No worries! ;)
  5. 39fps

    39fps Well-Known Member

    I'm grinding for the set rn (300k rods), and the armor could definitely use this buff
  6. It should give bonus crit damage imo.
  7. Honestly that sounds like a good idea too
  8. ok should I get rid of my thread and keep this, since we pretty much have the same ideas?
  9. Don't delete your post. The more attention it gets the better
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  10. nabhit

    nabhit Active Member

    Yes. Fire Prot should not be part of armor.

    I think a damage buff for it wouldn't be that good though, because imagine 5 blaze armor players standing together. They could deal 15% max HP to any mob, including bosses right now. I think a defense buff or even like 50-100 HP would be enough to be okay
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  11. Wahoo Mc

    Wahoo Mc Well-Known Member

    I’d like to see the armor lose some defense but in return gain a massive amount of offensive potential to be kind of the opposite to emerald and just as worth of a farm in getting, the way it stands now it’s basically a worse emerald armor with some minor dps buffs
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  12. Bruh

    (Also +1 this armor need more love)
  13. 39fps

    39fps Well-Known Member

    I'm literally one enchanted blaze rod away from the full set
    Honestly I'd be happy if they just removed the fire prot and buffed the ability
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  14. A defense buff would be nice, but I think the armor should focus more on offense.

    Thank you for the suggestion! I agree that while emerald armor is about defense, blaze armor should focus on offense.

    Thanks. :)
  15. I'm one enchanted blaze rod away from the full set as well! Glad you like the post ;)
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  16. blrb

    blrb Member

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  17. Thank you
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