1. Wonder how many new random 250’s we’ll get to make fun of
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  2. lowkey a good thing, if they don’t wanna buy it just buy tnt boosters instead?? Nice that they’re somewhat trying to make p2wing on sales a little harder. Too many randoms with little playtime lowkey flexing black +’s
  3. Yea they need money for servers
  4. Siephon

    Siephon Active Member

    Arcturus ARC
    get some money then
  5. another wortless update because i am banned from buycraft and I never chargebacked in my life. tHaNks :'(
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  6. i'm gonna assume people buy it for the same reason i'm going to - the network boosters

    like, it could be just the 10 network boosters and i'd still buy it
  7. Yes Falter
  8. muahhahahahha, i got vip
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  9. ALAND

    ALAND Active Member

    Fortitude MIND
    OoOoooooo I didn't know it was time already.. xD
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  10. I am so buying MVP+!

    Edit: and I did!
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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  11. People complaining about it being ‘not as good as 2017’s’. They didn’t have to do a Black Friday sale, but they decided to. Instead of whining like little children be thankful that they’re going this for the community.
  13. There goes my money
  14. Yayyyyy!
  15. I need money tho ._.
  16. Yes i buy vip+
  17. Yeeeeeeee
  18. Good
  19. I remember back in the days when there was weekend sales... ranks were 50% off, so good, but this is actually pretty good too. I just wish tanks were less expensive

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