1. Funny, I laughed. More funny number joke soon?
  2. lelolswag

    lelolswag Active Member

    And thats the annoying part cuz u gotta smelt them from the farm to upgrade
  3. Wowowowow there, this thread IS a big joke. Everything on skyblock is added for a reason, even being able to buy a boat for a lot of cash
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  5. 2019-09-08_22.22.07.png 2019-09-08_22.22.03.png 2019-09-08_22.22.09.png 2019-09-08_22.22.11.png
    Am I a joke to you, having 738 Defense is really great.
  6. zmasta69

    zmasta69 Active Member

    The 2,318,008 midas
  7. bane of arthropods
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  8. 2 interest isnt bad imagine how much timedeo is getting. and any haste ring isnt, because is not too expansive and is pretty good if you doesnt really have unique talismans
  9. Tia should give more speed for all the work you do to find the fairy souls
  10. Selling epic rarity potion on ah: "You cannot list non-rare or higher items for more than 5x the store merchant's buying price!"
    "Nerf perfect armor"
    Quiver arrow
    Getting pigman sword as AOTD comes out
    """"""""""Greater"""""""""" Talisman Bag Upgrade
    Tiers 7/8 being optimal tiers for grinding anything
    AOTE price drop from 15k to 10k pearls... and then it being useless in the end unless you abuse godly/critical/strength
    Minor one - using trades with your inventory full but HAVING AN OPEN SLOT FOR WHAT YOU'RE TRADING FOR and seeing the helpful message "You cannot trade with your inventory full!"
    Obsidian chestplate and ender armor rarity
    Diver's armor
    "Guys [rolls dice] uh... fancy sword is better than AOTD today, trust me I ignore Megit's spreadsheet and did the math for myself"
    Zealot stealing
    "Scamming shouldn't be bannable, it's the victim's fault"
    10mil/day with 24 magma xi/catalysts/optimal killing
    Saving Grace
    "Invalid session, try restarting your game" (Minecraft one, not Skyblock)
    Both ends of the update spectrum: "giv updat or i quit" and "Update Hole-in-the-Wall before Skyblock"
    Speedster armor
    Blaze armor
    The coins you get for leveling a skill up
    Making a cobble generator wrong and having all the liquids flow out and being stuck there generating a huge stone monolith in the void
    Catalysts being made with raw endstone... and needing 25k to craft
    End sword rarity
    Speed potion
    Mushroom armor
    Magma boss
    End race
    That one fairy soul in the coal mine
    179 fairy souls

    That was a lot of negativity, so let's balance it out with some actually fun things:

    AOTE having the best ability ever
    Ender bow being able to do 1m damage in 1 hit with the ability...? (haven't tried it, but new meta on old dragon?)
    Relative ease of being able to obtain endgame armor once you get to the end
    AH hiding auctions that are <5m left so no one can snipe you
    Piggy bank (this is a lifesaver)
    Negative mana
    Megit's spreadsheet -- no idea how much work this has saved me
    Build team's work
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  11. people who spent all their time before the end update going for emerald armour
  12. They capped the ability at 1k damage though I did ise it once on the magma boss before they capped it
  13. aww man
    Edit: creeper
  14. So we back in the mine
  15. Insulse

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    Endermen mask. I really love the -99 intelligence man
  16. Emerald sword
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  18. end sword lmao
  19. heqet

    heqet Active Member

    Having to disconnect my internet connection to get the glitched fairy soul in the coal mine. Honestly, how hard can it be to fix it?
    2nd place: the one in the nether which requires an aote.

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