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    Hello everyone!

    Over the past few months we've been working on Smash Heroes, slowly updating it. Today we are happy to announce the bulk of our Smash Heroes Quality of Life update is live on the server including a new mode, balancing changes and lots of bugfixes! Continue reading to find out more.

    This update was discussed, implemented and rolled in multiple steps. It was heavily supported by the community and the Player Council. If you're interested, you can check out the roadmap that was used for the process.

    ▶ Updating "Older Games"
    Throughout the entire process we took tons of feedback from the Smash community - on the forums, through the player council, in-game and by getting in touch with many highly experienced players. We provided as much transparency about each individual step as we could give without creating false hope for things that might never make it into the update.

    To keep the community up to date we created a so-called roadmap that was updated mostly on a daily basis: Smash Heroes Roadmap

    This is the first of what we are calling full QoL (Quality of Life) updates. We are moving as fast as we can to do these QoL updates for older games with small but dedicated playerbases. The goal is to bring the games up to a 'playable' state that is fun and relatively bug-free whilst also adding low effort high impact gameplay content and features.

    Some people are under the impression that we "only care about popular games" and we only care about making money. This is far from the truth. At the end of the day we are a server that supports millions of players, and we must keep the most popular games updated regularly because the revenue generated by those games actually offsets the costs of hosting and development of less popular games. We just spent 2-3 months of our time iteratively updating Smash Heroes, and are now planning to do the same for SkyClash. Other games will follow. These updates do not make us more money, and we don't think they will significantly increase the playerbases of those games. We are doing these updates because the success and popularity of games like Bed Wars and SkyWars means we can afford to allocate some dev time to projects that don't pay our bills. Running a large server is a careful balance between making everyone happy and keeping the lights on, and whilst we'd love to update every game all the time, we can't afford to do that. We hope these Quality of Life updates provide a good compromise and will help bring some of the older games up to a fun and relatively bug free state.

    ▶ New Map: Solaris Templum

    Solaris is a new competitive-focused map designed in conjunction with (and built by) the community. Solaris is an attempt at building a competitive-standard map for Smash Heroes, in the style of Final Destination from Smash or many other standardised fighting game maps.

    Solaris is an experiment, and it might not be perfectly suited to fully balanced Smash gameplay. Based on feedback we may iterate it or remove it, but we thought it was worth a shot trying to build something that provides symmetrical and fair gameplay for balanced battles.

    ▶ New 1v1 Mode
    In order to allow versing your friends or anyone that wants to have a eye-on-eye fight, we are introducing the new 1v1 Mode!
    • Coin gain is the same as in Friends Mode.
    • You can only earn coins for 5 games per day.
    • If you join without a party, you will be put against other solo queueing players.
    • If you join with a party (2 players) you will be put against each other.
    • If you join with a party (3-8 players) you will be put in the same game. The party leader will be able to select two players to play the game, the other(s) will be put as spectators. If they don't start the game within 30 seconds you will be kicked from the game to avoid stalling servers.
    • Everything else is like a regular game.
    This mode is perfect for organising 1v1 tournaments, something the community was previously solving themselves using convoluted and clever methods. You could even spectate and livestream the matches with commentary if you wanted.

    ▶ Balance Changes

    • Deagle
      • Decreased the knockback of single and triple shot by 7.5%
      • Triple Shot damage 4-1 → 3-1
        • Single Shot damage stays at 4
    • Grenade
      • Reduced Damage 10 → 7
      • Reduced KB by 20%
    • Flaming Deagle
      • Cooldown increased with 10s
      • Reduced the AoE of the bullets → 2x2x2
      • Reduced damage 8-1 → 6-3
        • No longer stack AoE explosion with the direct hit of bullets
    • Bullseye
      • Cap the extra double jumps at 5
    • Knockback
      • Make the knockback taken equal to cryo's knockback
    • Frostbolt
      • Hitbox 7x7x7 → 3x3x3
      • Only apply slowness on a direct hit
    • Ice Barrier
      • Damage reduction 40% → 50%
      • Duration 15sec → 12sec
    • Arctic Aura
      • Damage increased 30% → 20%
      • Only apply damage increase to Frostbolt if it is a direct hit
    Sgt Shield
    • Class
      • Change from Hybrid to Melee
        • Melee Damage 4 → 5
    • Reflect
      • Damage Mitigation 40% → 25%
      • Energy needed to activate 3 → 4
      • Reflected shots deal 50% less damage
    • High Jump
      • Energy reduced 50 → 45
    • Unleashed Energy
      • Ult duration 15sec → 12sec
      • Energy Regen reduced 2.77x → 2.5x
    • Lightning
      • Range 9 → 8
      • Range behind the player 2 → 1
    • Energy
      • Marauder Respawns with 100 energy
    • The passive ability will be renamed to 'Long Jump' instead of 'High Jump'
    • Sanic Boom
      • Reduced cooldown 7sec → 6sec
      • Decreased the particles associated with the dash
    • Supersanic Ring Cannon
      • Base damage 3 → 1.5
    • Weight class
      • Decreased amount of knockback taken
    • Bulk Throw
      • Damage decreased 10 → 8
      • KB reduce by 10%
    • Bulk Slam
      • Hitbox vertical should be 3 blocks up from the ground (the slam should reach 3 blocks up into the air)
    • Energy
      • Bulk respawns with 100 energy
    General Cluck
    • Clusterbuck
      • Initial damage reduced 12 → 10
      • Egg damage reduced 4 → 3
    • Chicken Army
      • Total chickens 4 → 5
    • Energy
      • Cluck respawns with 100 energy
    Cake Monster
    • Swing Pin
      • Damage reduction 7 → 6
    • Regurgicake
      • Cooldown reduction 5sec → 4sec
      • The damage mitigation cooldown increased 3sec → 4sec
      • Upon getting Mitigation, you get a cooldown indicator above your Health Bar.
    • Bot Claw
      • Velocity increased by 15%
      • Bot bombs travel and fall the way you're facing instead of the way the claw is faced
    • Bat Glide
      • You travel 15% faster throughout the glide
    • Botmobile
      • Reduced hit rate
    • Energy
      • Botmon now respawns with 100 energy
    • Overload
      • Energy cost reduced 65 → 60
      • Increased knockback with 15%
      • Increased horizontal angle with 3 degrees
    • Homing Missiles
      • The missiles now travel 15% faster
    • Energy
      • Tinman now respawns with 100 energy
    • Weight Class
      • Decreased amount of knockback taken
    • Bite
      • Base damage reduced 8 → 6
      • Increased the knockback of bite with 6.7%
    • Pounce
      • Adds 1 → 0.6 damage per 10 energy used to bite
    • Sonic Bark
      • Damage decreased 12 → 10
      • Decrease knockback by 25%
    • Energy
      • Pug now respawns with 100 energy
    • Ultimate
      • Decrease KB for mini pugs during ult by 10%
    • Teleport
      • Energy cost 40 → 45
      • Now activated by pressing shift
    • Kame Do
      • Travel speed reduced by 10%
      • AOE decreased to 4x4x4
      • Knockback reduced by 10%
    • True Power
      • Duration decreased to 10s
    • Spooder Kick
      • Damage decreased 8 → 5.5
    • Webshot
      • Base damage decreased 10 → 8
      • Damage dropoff reduced 1dmg per 8 → 10 blocks
    • Spooder Buddies
      • Duration reduced 20sec → 15sec
    • Energy
      • Spooderman now respawns with 100 energy
    Void Crawler
    • Void Slash
      • Base damage decreased 8 → 7
    • Teleboom
      • Teleboom cooldown resets upon activating Shadow fury
      • Damage during Shadow fury reduced 16 → 12
    • Energy
      • Respawns with 0 energy (down from 100)
    Green Hood
    • Flying Punch
      • Can be used before double jumps (only be used once before touching the ground)
      • Increased damage 3 → 5
      • Reduced KB by 20%
    • Tripmine Arrow
      • Decreased KB by 23,5%
      • Added the entity indicator arrow to it
    • Multishot
      • Decreased KB scaling by 19.25%
      • Hitbox decreased with 0.5 block(s)
    • Scatter Arrow
      • Decreased KB by 14.5%
    • Gravity Arrow
      • Increased cooldown by 25 seconds (135 > 160 seconds)
    • Energy
      • Respawns with 100 energy
    • Particles
      • Reduced amount of particles on the gravity arrow heaviliy
    • Ride the lightning
      • Damage decreased 5 → 2
      • Energy Cost increased 80 → 85
        • Only allow it once before touching the ground again
    • Smash Lazor
      • Damage decreased 10 → 8
    • Charged Lazor
      • 5 stages:
        • 1. 3.5 → 2.5
        • 2. 4.5 → 3.5
        • 3. 4.5 → 5
        • 4. 6.25 → 8
        • 5. 18 → 16
    • Energy
      • Shoop should respawn with 100 energy

    ▶ Bug Fixes

    • All: Fixed an issue where double jumps wouldn't reset on fences.
    • All: Improved the current "on ground" checks.
    • All: Prestiged players don't take knockback if they're above a certain health. The knockback applied to them will scale properly and not fallback to a knockback of 0.
    • All: Fixed some abilities being used before game start or as a spectator.
    • All: Fixed being able to use double jumps while mounted (e.g. in Batmobile)
    • All: Fixed some teleport skills properly doing line of sight checks when standing on slabs.
    • Botmon: Cannot use his ult close to the border anymore to avoid getting stuck in it.
    • Bulk: Fixed text wrongly saying you had one more Smash than you should have.
    • Cluck: Improved Chicken Army chickens to at least properly attempt to hit players on slabs. Not really happy about their movement, but they should be more useful. Also changed the offset they're shooting their bazookas to feel a bit better.
    • Cluck: Fixed several issues, now visually and mechanically it should shoot and collide with the correct offset.
    • Cluck: Chicken Army will have a slight randomness in their height of aiming, so they don't always shoot at a certain body part of players.
    • Greenhood: Charging your bow is not indicated via the experience bar anymore, but the action bar will show the progress.
    • Greenhood: Fixed issues where the experience bar would freeze.
    • Sanic: Removed the ability to double jump during the Spin Dash movement.
    • Sanic: Fixed an issue where it would despawn the Onion Rings from Sanic's ultimate early and launch them in the wrong direction. Now they are launched at head level independently of the player's look.
    • Sanic: You will now keep the speed boost from the ultimate when using Sanic Boom during it.
    • Shoop: You no longer get charge for getting hit by your own bolts when they have been reflected.
    • Skullfire: Fixed an issue where you are unable to hit players that are a certain distance to you.
    • Sgt. Shield: Fixed an issue with the shield not being visible. (There is another bug that is causing the same thing which I couldn't fix yet, this is a seperate issue.)
    • Sgt. Shield: Fixed an issue where reflected projectiles caused the hit player to be knocked back in the wrong direction.
    • Sgt. Shield: Added energy cost that is required to start reflecting.
    • Sgt. Shield: Some of the abilities don't respect if you're currently using your shield therefor creating inconsistent shields.
    • Sgt. Shield: Fixed issues with abilities going on cooldown when you were not able to use them.
    • Spooderman: Changed the way spawn locations for Spooder Buddies are determined.
    • Void Crawler: Teleboom mechanic fixed to recognize nearby enemies properly.
    • Void Crawler: Shadow Fury does not reset Teleboom anymore, as this was stated elsewhere to be a bug.

    • Changed the team fill algorithm, so it should prioritise filling a team instead of putting multiple players alone on a team when there's not enough players.
    • Changed the way classes are assigned to avoid some issues with class changing in general.
    • Fixed being able to use the recently introduced first person spectator mode to activate while waiting for a respawn, resulting in your body being invisible for everyone else.
    • Fixed one reason where it would instatiate your players incorrectly and give it the ability to double jump and have higher health than usual when joining the same server you have previously been playing on. Not sure if that covered all cases of that happening.
    • Fixed loooooots of typos, punctuation and similar.
    • Over the past few months there have been fixed for lots of underlying issues, so there are some bugs and weird behaviour (such as incorrect text shown, games crashing or simply never ending not kicking you, ...) that is fixed, but not stated here.
    • Fixed mods becoming a player when trying to spectate someone that is in a game that is in pregame.
    • Fixed mods not able to spectate friends mode.
    • Fixed wrongly colored nametags in some games.
    • Fixed more occasions of teams not filling up, but having e.g. a 2v1v1 in 2v2 mode.
    • Fixed scoreboard and tab not updating properly when the game starts.
    • Fixed messages being received twice when dead.
    • Sometimes you spawn inside each other. / Sometimes it doesn't properly instantiate teams.
    • /resource is not available ingame.
    • Fixed Leaderboard Challenge.
    • Fixed sometimes not being sent to the lobby after the game has ended.
    • Fixed invalidation issues when selecting a class and joining a game server.
    • The border camp protection does not trigger regardless of the game status anymore.
    • Sometimes you don't get rewards for a kill, although it notifies you about one in chat.
    • Fixed some inaccurate lobby messages.

    • All: Many previously reported issues have been fixed due to the mechanic that kills players that are close to the border for a few seconds.
    • All: Fixed Smash Crystals having a longer text for the first tick when spawning.
    • Bastion: Fixed a player spawn location being mid air.
    • Bastion: Fixed smash crystal spawn locations.
    • Circle: Fixed dying instantly near a wall.
    • Mosaic: Fixed two player spawn locations facing the wrong direction.
    • Reconcile: Fixed dying instantly near a wall.
    • Remains: Fixed Smash Crystal spawning in the air.
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    Great to see Smash Heroes get updated! The new map looks sweet and 1v1 mode will be loads of fun.
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  3. Cool! Glad to see an update for Smash Heroes :)
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    Update Megawalls
    Dislike if you want megawalls updated

    61 people think megawalls needs to be updated
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    Woah, a lot of things fixed and changed. Nice!
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    Oo! Nice to see Smash getting updated! I'm sure it's community is hyped!
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  7. Great <3
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  8. Lovely to see a game like this updated. Hopefully the community likes it.
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  9. I have zero knowledge about smash but it’s cool seeing games get updated that haven’t gotten one in a while
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    Big Smash Heroes Update = Big OwO
    hecc this is first page
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  13. Nice to see new features being added to older games!
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  14. time to update skyclash!
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    Yes! A smash update.
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    i'd say hype but some of these things were added a long time ago
    so i guess...
    already used hype?
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    yay glad these games are getting updates :p
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  18. OOOOO finaly
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    Is my 26 day old bug report of a bug that heavily affects the balance of the game ever going to be addressed?
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