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    Welcome, player. Or perhaps, welcome back…

    In celebration of my 1000th post on the Hypixel forums - in fact, on this very post - I created a guild. For some of you browsing, you may have only heard of us in passing. For many of you, you may not have even heard of us at all. But to those few who have stuck around since the beginning, since the times of 2013 and 2014 when us veterans were still newbies, perhaps this name rings a nostalgic bell.

    When I created BFGTeam, I had no particular expectations of where it would go, nor did I know what heights it would reach at the time. All I wanted was to grab some relatively tryhard Quakecraft players, smash them together in a relatively tryhard environment, and form a powerful, tight-knit community. Back in 2013, when this guild was conceived, Quakecraft was one of the more popular minigames on the server, and I wanted to see how far we could take it. It turned out we could take it a lot further than I could have ever foreseen.

    To list a few of our accomplishments:

    • Even before the guild update on the 26th of January 2014, we were one of the most active and fast-growing guilds on both the forums and on the server. (I feel like the length of this thread speaks for itself!)
    • We were one of the few OG guilds that received reserved names upon the update. (Created 2014/01/26 20:37:32)
    • We created Goge
    • We were the biggest and top Quakecraft guild for the better part of 3 years (despite us raising our already high standards like 3 different times)
    • Arguably we were also the best Quakecraft guild, but honestly there were other REALLY GOOD guilds back then (DyDy I fna)
    • Or did Goge create us?
    • We were the #1 guild for almost 3 years, holding the top spot on guild coins leaderboards from the start of the guild update to around mid-late 2016 (when most of us left to Steam and other such commitments, thus RIP guild)
    • We have a very spicy guild tag
    • Many of our old members have gone on to create/run current top guilds, like Rebel and Raid
    • Goge

    But finally, and most importantly to me, we succeeded in creating a community fueled with passion for a game we loved, and supported from all sides by each and every one of us. We created a family. So many groups of friends began in this humble little collection of players, and even now I feel a strong connection to everyone I saw come through this guild, despite having not seen some of them for over 5 years. It makes me incredibly happy to know that what we created is something special that we will treasure throughout our lives.

    A few months ago, some of our old members started to trickle back into Minecraft, renewing the fire of this guild that was thought to have died all those years ago. Reunion after reunion, and the addition of some new, fresher faces to our ranks, has pushed us towards a desire to return and once again open our arms to the wider Hypixel community.

    Ladies and gentlemen, in celebration of the BFGTeam forum thread being the first guild thread to reach ONE MILLION VIEWS, I would like to formally announce that our revival begins here!

    There’s just one thing… uh…

    We’re kinda an all games guild now!

    • Be respectful to each other.
    • Don’t bother the staff/YT people in the guild about hackers/reports/friend requests and other such attention-seeking behaviour, it’s not a good look, just stop, you’re embarrassing yourself, please for the love of god please don’t do it
    • Keep the swearing to a minimum… ish. (Just follow our lead and you’ll be peachy)
    • Hypixel rules do apply to guild chat so be considerate of those.
    • Don’t cheat/hack - being caught cheating will result in an instant, permanent kick. (False bans not included, always read the label)
    • Don’t be rude in public chat. Like, just follow the Hypixel Network rules and you’ll be fine, okay?
    • Don’t be too annoying or obnoxious.
    • FOLLOW. THE. HYPIXEL. NETWORK. RULES. Common sense shall prevail!

    • You must be at least fairly active
    • You must be over the age of 13
    • You must be Network Level 40+ (but to be honest if your application looks good we don’t really care)
    • You’d better be able to make/take a joke
    • You must be able to speak and read English (if you can read this thread then congrats you’re a winner kiddo don’t you ever forget)
    • If you were ever in this guild previously you don’t need to meet any other of our requirements please come back we miss you the kids miss you karen please bring back the kids
    • Bonus points if you love Quakecraft

    You lookin' for the application form? The link is below!

    Applications status: OPEN

    >>> https://forms.gle/hnKEjBXeLVwaTzHw9 <<<

    Please note, we have a trial system for new applicants. Should your application be accepted and you are invited to the ingame guild, we have a probationary period of a week where at the end we will decide if you are to become a fully fledged member.

    Applications can take a while to be seen, so please be patient. If you have any questions or problems during the process you can contact @Hyperdron @AmyTheMudkip or @Zainte and we will gladly help you out.


    Welcome, player.

    In celebration of my 1000th post on the forums, I am creating a guild within the Hypixel community mainly centered around the Quakecraft minigame. This is the BFGTeam, a guild of what I hope to be a group bringing together the best of the best players at Quakecraft to engage in combat with those that are of a skill level equal to your own. I hope that this guild will allow us all to grow in strength at the minigames.

    Within the BFGTeam, I hope to organize matches, events, challenges, and more associated with Quakecraft – we will soon be expanding to other minigames as well to see how bad we are in them compared to our FPS prowess. I want it to be a place where people can show off their greatest triumphs, share stories of hilarious game play (including videos of hilarious game play), and essentially having fun conversing with other players who enjoy the minigame as much as you do.

    Also, unlike most other guilds, I permit you to be in this guild and another guild at the same time. If you’re already in another guild, you’ll have to ask for their permission if you want to join the BFGTeam, but I don’t mind a BFGTeam member joining another guild so long as they remain loyal to both.

    Active Events/Challenges:

    Head to http://goo.gl/forms/l5byT5q4VU


    As with everything, there are rules to abide by in this guild. Because of the number of platforms we have to communicate with our members, we have a few sets of rules that you will have to abide by. Please follow this link to read the full rules: [HERE]

    • Do not disrespect other guild members or players in general.
    • If you obtain a rank that allows you independent action, make sure to tell me what you do.
    • Hacking means an immediate kick from the guild (false bans do not count).
    • The Hypixel Network rules apply to this guild too. Breaking them will result in a kick from the guild.

    Player Ranks

    Within the BFGTeam there are, of course, ranks to distinguish the activity of one to another. Getting promoted is based on your involvement with the guild and the other players within (your talent at the game can help too!)

    A new member of the guild who is required to show noticeable activity to remain in the guild. This is the rank you will start off with when you join the guild for the first time. Note that if a person with this rank does not meet the requirements they will be kicked after three weeks of trial.

    The rank that you’ll be given after the “newbie rank”. This is the standard rank that most people will have after joining the guild.

    This rank is given to highly active people who participate in guild events and challenges, as well as talking in guild chat. You must have also been in the guild for at least one and a half months to receive this rank.

    This rank is given to respected members of the guild. You must have had a stable membership in the guild for at least three months and shown exceptional activity compared to other members.

    This rank is given to people who helped the guild become a better place, whether it be hosting a TeamSpeak server, helping organise an event, or other such things. You MUST have had a stable membership in the guild for five months.

    Staff Ranks

    The BFGTeam Staff are your senpais (huehuehue) and help to run the guild alongside me, setting challenges, creating events, and generally contributing to the guild. They show more involvement than required of them, and thus have been promoted to continue their outstanding efforts.

    The staff rank you’ll get if you are accepted as staff. To get this rank you need to either be a Thane or a Vassal to apply (if staff applications are open). Once/If you get accepted, we will have a guide ready so new staff members get to know how everything works.

    Dukes have demonstrated the ability to function well within the staff. They present good ideas, and work well with others. They must be active in the staff, and prove their worth as a Knight.

    This is the highest achievable staff rank. You have shown extreme dedication in
    all aspects of the guild, and incredible involvement within the staff. You have proven
    yourself worthy of taking charge, and other staff show great respect for you. You
    cannot apply for this rank - I will personally pick people who I think fit.

    This is my rank. All mine >:3


    To apply to the BFGTeam guild:
    Submit your applications here → http://goo.gl/forms/l5byT5q4VU

    Your starting rank in the guild is determined by your application. Most will start out as Peasants, but as time goes on, you will be given the opportunity to rank up. Don't expect to be anything more than a Merchant on first entering the guild; other ranks will come later ;).


    The shop is currently undergoing a super-awesome renovation of epicness (which basically means we're thinking up new ideas). If you have any possible products that we could add to our shelves, submit them to us!

    By participating in events and challenges you will be awarded coins, so long as you provide proof of your being present at the said event or of your attempt at the challenge. These screenshots must be submitted here. With this currency, you can buy these items:

    • Customisable extra tag (goes in front of your name, behind rank) – 135 tokens
    • Ability to set a challenge (1 use, available for all below [Knight]) – 250 tokens
    • Ability to organise a guild-wide event (1 use) – 300 tokens
    [Honoured] tag (allows you to apply for a staff position in the guild) – 350 tokens
    [Rich] tag (shows your dedication towards the guild in style) – 901 tokens

    [1Year] tag (shows your dedication as a 1 year member) – Be in the guild for a year

    You may buy more than one of all shop items but the [Honoured] tag and [Rich] tag, which are single purchases and lifetime.

    Note: keep an eye on the shop. Suggestions made by guild members could be added to it at a later date. These suggestions could also be rewarded.

    How to earn guild coins

    BFGTeam event participation: varies
    Completed challenge: varies
    Godlike + saying 'all hail hailer' in chat immediately afterwards: 8 guild tokens

    Post your screenshots here to earn your coins!


    ([Rank(s)] Username - tokens)
    [King] [Honoured] [Rich] [1Year]
    Hyperdron - ∞ tokens!

    [Reagent] [Honoured] [1Year] [Helper] Ecolsson - 299

    [Duke] [Honoured] [1Year] suppusmac - 702
    [Duke] [1Year] Gremguy - 16
    [Duke] [Honoured] [1Year] ItzBattleZ - 147
    [Duke] [1Year] Tmine507 - 395
    [Duke] [1Year] Falconflyer63 - 147

    [Knight] [Honoured] [1Year] sexyandikit - 24
    [Knight] [1Year] Cham - 257
    [Knight] [1Year] krazy8888 - 522
    [Knight] [1Year] dnovantrix - 207
    [Knight] [1Year] [Helper] zech - 93
    [Knight] Jennifur - 20
    [Knight] DerpedGaming - 0
    [Knight] [1Year] [Helper] AmyTheMudkip - 1
    [Knight] spschmidt27615 - 40


    [Vassal] [1Year] benji_02 - 319
    [Vassal] [1Year] Bigo - 0
    [Vassal] [1Year] Gogeta - 168
    [Vassal] [1Year] SimVYo - 249
    [Vassal] [1Year] damadhawaiian - 0
    [Vassal] [1Year] AmbreShady - 0
    [Vassal] [1Year] MooMo - 0
    [Vassal] MistaHMee - 0
    [Vassal] OyeraMosejeii - 0
    [Vassal] xJustSmilee - 0
    [Vassal] [1Year] toag_buddy - 107
    [Vassal] [Honoured] [1Year] Eskaboi - 25
    [Vassal] [1Year] MrBloofking - 0
    [Vassal] PokeyZRule - 15
    [Vassal] [1Year] Phat1125 - 163
    [Vassal] [1Year] MorganicTM - 0
    [Vassal] [1Year] [Creative Staff] Harrimu - 4

    [Thane] [1Year] DarkDemonDragon - 50
    [Thane] generaloxford - 0
    [Thane] AvaCollins - 0
    [Thane] Astruum - 56
    [Thane] nasnoahs - 0
    [Thane] [1Year] Slayur - 22
    [Thane] MOTS13 - 0
    [Thane] [1Year] iBuildPixels - 0
    [Thane] [1Year] MrKnowname - 50
    [Thane] [1Year] Swan_ - 0
    [Thane] [1Year] smirenej - 104
    [Thane] Kacie - 0
    [Thane] [1Year] PewPew - 20
    [Thane] JagMasterPajazel - 0
    [Thane] [YT] ExtraPlaysMC - 0
    [Thane] BrieTM - 50
    [Thane] [1Year] tastysalmon - 150
    [Thane] [1Year] iwantyourpoison - 40
    [Thane] [1Year] Buddyblind - 20
    [Thane] [YT] Ryguyrocky - 200

    [Merchant] [1Year] andershma - 0
    [Merchant] BBT - 0
    [Merchant] [1Year] bladexey - 10
    [Merchant] [1Year] Ranger378 - 0
    [Merchant] [1Year] britalope - 0
    [Merchant] Fuzzy3 - 10
    [Merchant] [1Year] icecreamflinger - 0
    [Merchant] [1Year] Davidmand - 100
    [Merchant] [1Year] Pizzabo24 - 148
    [Merchant] Dporf - 0
    [Merchant] SnackyCJ - 0
    [Merchant] Silleh - 0
    [Merchant] avaaidan - 4
    [Merchant] Viridian - 0
    [Merchant] Doomblah - 0
    [Merchant] Crookedstar19121 - 0

    [Peddler] [Helper] ctd - 0
    [Peddler] Edragorn - 0
    [Peddler] Shaddix_ - 0
    [Peddler] [Helper] Gregory - 0
    [Peddler] gwenael7 - 0
    [Peddler] He1ix - 0
    [Peddler] Kizunamu - 0
    [Peddler] Member_Me - 0
    [Peddler] MonoKromeHD - 0
    [Peddler] oya - 0
    [Peddler] timowoof - 26
    [Peddler] TNTPrimer - 0
    [Peddler] koolmoj - 0
    [Peddler] noocha - 0
    [Peddler] Snan27 - 0
    [Peddler] Anthos027 - 0
    [Peddler] xXChibiXx - 0
    [Peddler] Juran_ - 0
    [Peddler] cheetachyi12 - 0
    [Peddler] AClockMaker - 0
    [Peddler] CrazyThang01 - 0
    [Peddler] IrishHockey32 - 0
    [Peddler] redx329 - 0
    [Peddler] Fuelion - 0
    [Peddler] Harkexil - 0
    [Peddler] Donkachi - 0
    [Peddler] DvzYoshi - 0
    [Peddler] Noerdy - 0
    [Peddler] 9001_ - 0
    [Peddler] LollipopPuppyDGT - 0

    [Peasant] CrypticError
    [Peasant] RapidRiftor
    [Peasant] Bluefiish
    [Peasant] OnePonch
    [Peasant] Quakecraft
    [Peasant] Blogmy
    [Peasant] Happehh

    Alt Central

    Got an alt? I'll list it here if ya want :3


    sexyandikit / BFGTeam, ILoveYouAva
    ctd / ctdmodding
    Gregory / ChiSmells
    Cham / thunderhub
    zech / Gazelle1996
    Jennifur / AbaddonAndLilith

    Welcome to the BFGTeam, recruit. Enjoy.

    Anything you want added? Leave a suggestion below!
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
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  2. Does BFG Team want to make an alliance with LoP? :3
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  3. could you make a guild for "Less Worthy Players" like me that are decent but isn't worthy of BFGTeam?

    like "HyperBeamTeam" or something similar??

    because i am decent at the game but nothing well acceptable

    thanks and regards

    -Djice[Team HS Godly Admin]
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  4. exactly 250 likes and 1000 posts :p
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  5. Bunz

    Bunz Well-Known Member

    And ghost? :3 also grats on well Known!
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  6. really?

    just Really?

    looks like a a new type a Spam bot

    oh joy

    /emotion Anger [sub-emotion: sarcasm]
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  7. Bunz

    Bunz Well-Known Member

    Already reported bread :)
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  8. alex92150

    alex92150 Member

    I play at 16h 21h with school and with no school 15h 24h
    I would respect the rules
    Undeniably Majestic Railgun AK2013(C)
    You Hyperdron
    I am VIP-
    Enjoy this Hyperdron !
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  9. I request an alliance with both of these guilds. Please tag the leaders of the guilds so we can discuss this. ;)
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  10. Truth
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  11. Is it possible to stay in two guilds? This one seems very quakecraft oriented.
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  12. Hmm another guild :D Perhaps you would consider becoming an ally of the Legion of Pixel :3
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  13. ClaireyZ

    ClaireyZ Well-Known Member

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  14. ;)
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  15. Bunz

    Bunz Well-Known Member

    IGN – Bunz56
    Timezone – EST
    Do you vow to keep to the guild rules? – Yes, maybe
    Railgun name – I don't think I have to say Hyperdron you already know
    Best match result – 25
    Who brought you here? – Myself
    Anyone you want to bring here? – not atm
    Server Rank – I think VIP+

    (I'm an owner of The ghosts don't think I need to ask grwm or Mac, or even myself .3.)
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  16. Accepted as a Lieutenant!
    Yesh, I know you. Lieutenant for you too :p
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  17. masaiX

    masaiX Well-Known Member

    IGN – masaiX
    Timezone – (UTC+01:00) Bruxelles, Copenhague, Madrid, Paris
    Do you vow to keep to the guild rules? – ya
    Railgun name – Actually Budder Slaper with 1.1 trigger
    Best match result – 25-2
    Who brought you here? –The forum
    Anyone you want to bring here? – probably totocraft91
    Server Rank – VIP+
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  18. What was second place's score? ;)
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  19. Accepted as Lieutenant!
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  20. Bunz

    Bunz Well-Known Member

    Idk, had so many games xD maybe like 10-17 on average
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