1. Hello world!

    I've recently been mucking about with React.js for another one of my websites and I decided to try using it for something Hypixel related! (I also know @MaxKorlaar has been wanting something too)

    It's still in BETA because I cannot seem to find any images from Hypixel themselves for pets, so until then it will just show a barrier texture, any help with finding missing textures is appreciated.


    Link: https://pypixel.thedestruc7i0n.ca/pets/

    P.S. If you happen to find any bugs, it would be nice if you were to also include your username and the bug in a reply :)

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  2. Looks pretty awesome! :D
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  3. Holy crap, this is amazing
  4. Fun


    Fun Well-Known Member

    Fancy :D
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  5. Update!

    * Added images for the majority of mobs (Tell me if you find a mob that does not have a image)
    * Added levels
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  7. Wait what o_O

    Anywho, this looks really cool! Great work! Nice way to keep track of all those pets I have. :D
  8. I was going through my friends list and trying to see if I could find someone with pets that did not have images. I noticed you had many pets that I had not accounted for, and I just used your list and figured out the images for the site. I should've reworded that, sorry.

    Thanks for the compliment :D
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  9. PxlFalcon

    PxlFalcon Well-Known Member

    not like I use my pets or anything but looks cool
  10. wow thats cool

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