1. Soldier76

    Soldier76 Well-Known Member

    I still love it ._.
  2. Thx for this post
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  3. You are very welcome
  4. Sweet Man thx awesome!! ;D
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  5. I like Vampirez its the best game I have ever gamed
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  6. Completely agree :D
    Very balanced, and a wonderful community
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  7. I know a good spot for village (at least from me)

    (ill get the coords asap)from spawn, head straight, then after a crop field turn right (basically your second available right) after, turn left then turn right once more, up the stairs to find a house, which in my opinion is good
  8. Pretty sure I know the house you're talking about, but there is a zombie spawn in it, and no place where zombies can't get you
    Correct me if I'm wrong though
  9. I think you are talking about another house :p the house I am talking about has a zombie spawn outside and below it, and there is a two block high space where zombies cannot get you :p
  10. I assumed as much. Get me the coords when you can ;)
  11. Alright, here are the co-ordinates for the house in village o3o
    -103 21 133
  12. Are there any good places to farm a high amount of zombies?
  13. Kul


    Kul Well-Known Member

    1337 Kittens 1337KN
    Depends on the map. Any of the spots listed that say "Z-House" means they are houses that spawn zombies, but have good spots to hide. So you can farm zombies there. My best zombie kills game came on Dark Valley in God House, got 300 Zombie Kills. So some maps do, others don't
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  14. Alright, thanks!
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  15. Thx,this is useful even tho I know all of them already
  16. I can't find the Z house in Erias xD
    I was at the exact coordinates, but it's in a house without zombies :/
  17. it's the good coords, but sometimes zombies doesnt spawn. Like in the church's z house.
  18. egnefi

    egnefi New Member

    you forgot the waterfall (-44, -54) on Kudong ._.
  19. I haven't updated this for a while, and I don't exactly have the time to right now
  20. TheUserU2

    TheUserU2 Well-Known Member

    I forgot where the tunnel was for overhill. Now I can find it again!

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