Is bedwars in a good state?

  1. Yes!

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  2. Kinda

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  3. No I hate it!

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  1. When I say "change" I don't mean gameplay or strategically. Some examples of things that need to be changed are: getting into games takes too long, fireballs are kinda broken, new players have no chance against good players (make a ranked badwars like skywars), and some upgrades are completely useless like dragon buff. These are just a few things I'm sure I could come up with more. I think this could be fixed easily if more admins/coders helped update bedwars. I'm pretty sure the last few updates had almost a full year between each other. I'm a noob though so I'm probably talking out of my a**.

    Edit: Thank you for all of the feedback! I have changed some of my opinions due to people having a higher understanding of the game.
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  2. That perfectly sums up ranked bedwars.

    Fireballs are slightly unbalanced which does give newer players a chance against better players. Dragon buff is useful if you survive past bed destruction.
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  3. rYeRrRrR

    rYeRrRrR Well-Known Member

    Rogueless ROGUE
    Fireballs are balanced if you're good, although I wouldn't mind if they costed 48 iron (to go with along with the multiples of 4 theme in minecraft)
    Ranked bedwars would be a hot, steaming pile of shit
    fart Yes I'm being immature.
  4. 1. yes, two minutes is VERRRY long
    2. 50 iron
    3. bedwars is actually very skill-balanced, obviously you haven’t played much skywars where if you don’t have a good kit or stuff you’re dead (unless you’ve been playing for a long time or you’re especially gifted in pvp)
    4. dragon buff is useful late-game
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  5. That's the thing there is not late-game anymore. Also, my friend hates me because I'm really dumb when it comes to plays but "good" at pvp. Also sometimes it just doesn't start ever and you have to leave (I've only had this happen once though so...)
  6. I agree except for ranked bedwars. That wouldnt stop new players getting crushed by sweats. If they want fast wins to grind, nobodys going to play ranked for a challenge if they're grinding stars. And a star balancing system wouldnt work for 2 reasons off the top of my head:
    1: alt = free fkdr
    2: high stars would have to wait approximately 7 millenia for a game to start lol
    I think bedwars is honestly fine and i still enjoy the game alot even though i couldnt win a game of solo if my life depended on it
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  7. I like a lot of what you said. Instead of ranked bedwars what do you think about a ranking system? Ik it would make grinding stars harder but it could be a very simple ranking system. For example, 1-20 stars, 20-100 stars, 100-∞. What do you think about this?
  8. 1. There is
    2. lol im the opposite
    3. it occasionally happens but WOW you can just go to ANOTHER LOBBY! OMG, I JUST BLEW YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. that's... what ranked bedwars... is...
  10. Is it in Rhode Island?


    Then yes, it is in a good state.
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  11. calibear

    calibear New Member

    Ranked BedWars would be a great idea, that way new players have a chance to learn.
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  12. WOW
  13. No... Ranked would be an entirely different game mode like skywars.
  14. no i meant that the ideas are exactly the same
  15. The idea of letting new players have a chance??
  16. Greninja

    Greninja Well-Known Member

    Fireballs don't need a nerf
    Good players normally play aggressively, if new players rush mid and get stacked they can have a chance, that's why bedwars is so popular.
    The queuing system is bugged and needs to be fixed yes
    Ranked bedwars is a terrible idea stop suggesting it
    Dragon Buff is useful late game
  17. V9TooDevilish

    V9TooDevilish Active Member

    So, you're bad at PvP but you're also good?

  18. the idea of ranking stars by group, which is what they both were
  19. I wouldn't mine if fireballs were 45+ iron. They are a little annoying to die to if you lose your bed.

    Hope you smile today! :D

  20. umm when did I say I was bad at pvp I don't see it.

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