1. I have searched endlessly for a good team. My friends are never online, and everyone who is automatically my team is less than average. My discord is Dunqed#3280 and I would like to team with some people. If you aren’t good maybe I can teach you if you want. I know this is sad, me posting a thread trying to find a team on a block game but it’s been literally weeks since I got a team above 10 star. I’m 36 star and can speed bridge. I know what I’m doing when I play so if you have this problem too, message me.

    I in no way was trying to imply the following through this thread:

    1. None of the loses are my fault
    2. Everyone in the game is bad
    3. The people who are less than average should feel bad
    4. My stats are good

    P.s. sign the petition for ranked/mega bedwars yayayayay
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  2. I'll be your teammate. Friend me.
  3. @Rabbitism say your legend

    Also if you're good enough you will be able to carry your teammates
    I'm 89 star
  4. KaiSmith

    KaiSmith Well-Known Member

  5. Geahduh

    Geahduh Well-Known Member

    Or maybe go to a magical place called
    Lobby 1
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  6. KaiSmith

    KaiSmith Well-Known Member

    He would've done that already though, he doesn't know how to access the lobby 1 door.
  7. Geahduh

    Geahduh Well-Known Member

  8. Valcors

    Valcors Well-Known Member

    The Wavy MEMBER
    Yeah, you may wanna get these up before you start complaining about teammates.
  9. Rabbitten

    Rabbitten Well-Known Member

    Lumino MEMBER
    Forums are not the best place to find a teammate so the lobby 1 is where i go
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  10. I am really good at Bad-lion... But I use an alt on there so my real account doesn't get banned if some mod thinks I am hacking, so.... I can be your team-mate, sadly I don't go on Discord anymore ever since I lost all of my friends because some extremely rude liar named High-Probability hacked my old Discord server and deleted all of my channels! (This next line is for a joke...)
    Somebody ban him from Hypixel
    (Like I said it was a joke!)
  11. Goodwade

    Goodwade Active Member

    drag0n MEMBER
    I'll be honest, my computer is a potato.
    so joining lobby one either results in my computer lagging to oblivion and my mc crashing.
    SOOOO no gud parties for meh
  12. So the general consensus is that you just aren't good and that before complaining about other bad players you should maybe you know..

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  13. Umm, your stats are not the best. It is maybe you who needs to get better ;(
  14. sure ill be your teammate i hate nubs too lol
  15. just because he is low level doesnt mean hes bad jeez

    maybe hes on an alt r something
  16. Look at his stats. His final K/D is lower than 1 on 4v4v4v4 or something
  17. Geahduh

    Geahduh Well-Known Member

    Turn players off before joining
  18. What does that mean? Download something from forge that removes all the players so you cannot see them?
  19. Geahduh

    Geahduh Well-Known Member

    It's called look at your hotbar, go to the gray dye, and right click it to turn it to gray dye. How do you NOT know this?
  20. Ok

    • Sure they may be on an alt that still doesn't warrant complaining about others
    • I'm only like 32⭐ and I have personally beaten leaderboard players with ease..
    • I said the general consensus I didn't say I think they're bad but I'm just following the rest of the good players
    • Yes I'm sort of being a sheep..
    • Never brought up Levels or Stars they have NOTHING to do with a person's skills
    • No offense but you realize you said you hate nubs too but that just seems salty and rude so I don't actually understand why I'm even responding to you..
    • Go think you're better than other people on some other forum
    • I seem so triggered in this but rn I'm actually laughing at your mindset..
    • Btw if you look at the quote you'll see the changes I made to what you said like punctuation..
    -- EDIT --

    I fixed a few mistakes like I said have instead of hate and one of my weird points wasn't on a new line XD
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