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  1. As you probably know there is only one level of sharpness in bedwars, well in my opinion there should be sharpness 2 for say 8 or 12 diamonds. I also think their should be, in addition to heal pool, strength pool. And a enchantment that only activates when attacking, say strength absorbtion fall damage reduction etc. and a feather falling enchantment for 1 diamond 2 diamonds 4 diamonds and 8 diamonds. Just a random idea probably not all, I’m open to criticism.
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  2. RodgersMDH

    RodgersMDH Member

    That would end up being extremely overpowered from the way I'm thinking of it.
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  3. Yeah, but maybe conditional things is what I’m trying too say... like if your bed is broken you can get those or something I guess so then you can still tryhqrd.
  4. RodgersMDH

    RodgersMDH Member

    But having your bed broken is supposed to have consequences, if we favor the users who failed to ensure their bed was protected it kind of defeats the purpose.
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  5. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Garbage idea! :)
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  6. Not all.
  7. In my opinion pretty op, sharpness adds an additional 1,25dmg each level to a sword.
    A diamond sword sharpness 2 would be 9,5 attack damage against an enemy with diamond armor (pants and boots) that would deal 2,5hearts damage and you could kill an enemy in 4 hits.
    (I used a calculator so the calculations may be wrong)
    Anyways, I'd open a suggestion thread in the bedwars section: https://hypixel.net/forums/bed-wars.138/
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  8. No since it would be a lot easier to just completely drop a player so, which also means one person can easily wipe a team over and over again with strength and advanced sharpness
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  9. Hey! :cool:

    I see where you were going with this, but, as said above, there could be problems with this. Sharpness II adds significantly more damage to your weapon, making it quite powerful. If you add that with your Strength pool idea, then anyone attacking would have no chance of surviving. This suggestion was worth a try, though, and I respect it.
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