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  1. Yes ofc this would be great

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  2. No WHAT HUMAN BEING ARE YOU THIS IS AWFUL (but i secretly want it)

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  1. This has been asked alot but bedwars duels would be AWESOME and from my knowledge it wouldnt be hard they would just have to modify regular bedwars to fit a 1v1 2v2 and the hardest thing would probably but the tournament mode! The NPC for it would be in the bw lobby and duels. This could really help people who want to get better *cough* C00lDogs06 which is me *cough* the 60 star non *cough* sorry bout that had a cough attack anyway PLEASE hypixel IF you LOVE your players ADD THISSS (lol ik hypixel loves its players btw XD)
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  2. I disagree. This has been suggested before, and each time it's been rejected. Also, there are other ways to "duel" in bedwars.
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  3. If you have a friend with MVP++ they can just do a Private Game (it's usually pretty easy to make MVP++ friends if you ask). :p
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  4. While many people may Want Bedwars duels, We don't Need Bedwars duels. What we need is an update for the base game.
  5. Capitalists walk their dog's. Socialists eat them.
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  6. Necropost much?

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  7. Ima take a tip from my idol Gene's parents

  8. Each match would take pretty long and it is too similar to the bridge duels imo
  9. no
  10. Eh, you can basically already duel 4v4's by using capture.
  11. 6CPS

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  12. the best way to add it is that they add it but it dosent affect the stats so people dont use it to get better stats kinda like the rush/dreams modes but it would be interesting
  13. Right but that needs an mvp++ right??? but not every1 has an mvp++ friend or just any1 who will agree
  14. Right but thats a 4v4 not 1v1 or 2v2
  15. will U be my friend :)
  16. No.
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  17. Bruh this is my POINT u just said ask an mvp++ to friend and they will prob say yes and UR A mvp++ and said no ( case and point)
  18. HEY oOOOOO wut witht the dislikes im new to forums u hurt my feelings D:
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  19. 1. I just don’t like playing with random people I barely know. But others may feel different.
    2. I refuse to play with people who can’t take the time to spell out ‘you’ or ‘you’re/your’.
    3. Just go in Bedwars lobby one and ask if people will do a private game. It’s really not that hard.
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    SwFTW SW

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