Do you like Bedwars Dream Mode: Lucky Blocks?

  1. Yes

    13 vote(s)
  2. No

    5 vote(s)
  1. Anyone know when will bedwars dream mode: Lucky Blocks will be back? I and my friend really want to know.
    We keep waiting for it. That you know it's random and all games need to be but castle mode is 3 times and lucky blocks mode is 0 time.

    If any staffs read this, please give me a respond for it. If not, that's okay :(

    PS: Don't judge me. Thank you!
  2. Yea! Bring BedWars LuckyBlocks back!
    Its been gone for too long!
  3. Yes, My friend.
  4. I kinda dislike the mode, mainly because of its randomness.
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  5. Yea please bring back Bedwars Lucky Blocks mode, I like this mode and I wanna play with my friends again...
  6. Itll either never be back, or it will be back after the castle rotation which will be in a few weeks on Wednesday or smth
  7. I think so
  8. I really hate it because of how op some items are and how long these games are
  9. The games take too long tbh
  10. but it is fun
  11. MasterDogee

    MasterDogee Well-Known Member

    idk lmao some time
  12. Probably coming back soon!
  13. Hope so
  14. Not trying to judge you or anything, but I personally hate lucky blocks, because it is so luck based, I mean you get 1 blaze, that's the equivalent of flying across the goddamn map. So no, I don't want my quests to depend on lucky blocks.

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