1. Officerfluffles

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    Now me and a couple of my friends love beta and it's been around for a bit but they haven't added any new maps and if they can add them so quickly for lucky blocks and Ultimate can't they just put a few in for beta it seems as of they have ignored beta completely
  2. Officerfluffles

    Officerfluffles New Member

    Bedwars beta the beta mode where you can buy beds and you try and keep all your beds up it's 2 teams of 4
  3. Officerfluffles

    Officerfluffles New Member

    I just wanna know when there gonna add maps to bedwars beta it's been so long since they have really updated it
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  4. That's capture mode. And many people don't like capture mode, so I doubt it'll get updated.
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  5. its called capture mode i am pretty sure

    and bw doesnt need an update a lot of other games havent been updated in a while

    and like most people hate it cuz the games are legit rush, get bed, kill everyone they last like 1 min
  6. jpleb

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  7. Capture mode... Nahhh. It aint gonna get an update.
  8. All the regular Bedwars maps work for ults, lucky block, and rush, so I guess you can say they're not "adding" new maps to them.

    It's not that popular last I checked, so they prioritize other things. However, it has been a long time since it's been updated.
  9. Barely anyone plays capture but another map would be nice
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  10. Officerfluffles

    Officerfluffles New Member

    Ah makes sense I just would like to see a update but I get it
  11. Bedwars hasn't been updated in almost a year and a half, I don't even want new content, just a few new maps and bug fixes.
  12. i find it's mostly low levels that play capture and unless you get a team full of alts or high level players then the games are sooo long. i mean I've finished games myself in a minute, but that only happens when the other team is exceptionally bad.
    adding new maps would definitely make it more interesting tho.
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  13. Bedwars itself hasn't gotten any maps in a long time other than the Christmas and other holiday maps.

    And even though capture may be unpopular, I would like it if even 1 more map were added to the gamemode.
  14. Imo capture should be removed altogether
  15. some people like it though
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