1. Nice, but...
    Why get rid of Crypt and Invasion tho? Those were pretty good maps. :c
    add them back
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  2. edest

    edest Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    people that votw negative on invasion
  3. this is also kinda iffy IMO
  4. hype
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  6. melu

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  7. Voidless bedwars looks pretty cool. I've always wanted a voidless pvp gamemode but without the p2w of blitz.
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  8. All of this seems good, except for this
    it seems unnecessary and inconvenient
  9. Hadzoni

    Hadzoni New Member

    For the love of god give us back invasion, and if possible chained aswell. Everyones crying that Invasion is gone, we actual good players know that map as the best one out of all. Giving random nons ability to vote on maps as soon as they log on hypixel for the first time is a mistake. Whoevers been playing bw for some time wants Invasion to be back. Please. Also crypt, bw doubles players are crying over it. Actually crying. Nons can skip these maps if they dont like no?
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  10. Who voted for the removal of Invasion. Imma beat them up. That was a very good map
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  11. AYYY GG
  12. no new ap? sad
  13. unseated

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  14. no. bring back invasion at least. invasion was a really fun and good map. bring back crypt. crypt was also fun, it may have required a lot more blocks to get around than some other doubles maps, but lot's of people including myself liked it. Lotus i enjoyed but wasn't major, the rest of the doubles I also don't care. swashbuckle was mainly a map you would play if aquarium and lectus etc maps like that wasn't available. it wasn't bad either. chained wasn't that good in my opinion, so I also don't care.

    Moving on from maps. bridge eggs in my opinion shouldve stayed at 2 emeralds. knock back sticks shouldve maybe stayed 10, or a little lower. because lot's of newer players would probably be scared to leave their base after their beds destroyed for example. buy a kb stick, and annoyingly keep 1 tapping u off. and adding the fact they have a bow. u probably gonna need to pearl or invis to get around them to kill them. just adds more time and annoyance.

    other than that i mostly scimmed through, dont really know what else is in this but thats all i wanted to say. good to see some new updates for things OTHER THAN SKYBLOCK. now please just work on the anti cheat, defending watchdog makes everything worse. i know hypixel's capable of making or fixing the anti cheat. there's multiple flaws with watchdog. everyone knows and states them. watchdog was good for its time. but it can't keep up with the latest clients. just saying some free clients can go for a good while without being detected. so please. work on watchdog. thanks.

    Edit: whos idea was it to REMOVE arrows from a players inventory when they drink invis. why. whats going on with that. thats a real weird decision. and inconvenient. please change that, u dont to make items disappear from our inventories...
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  15. lmao exactly
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  16. Is this a joke
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  17. Thank thou for an update
  18. Latios-

    Latios- Well-Known Member

    The Foundation F
    update arena
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  19. hey can u make voidles bedwar with abilities from skybloc. i thinc that would be reelly cool!!. you kan selekt classes, itch class will be unique. like 4 example thier kan b3 a spider class that gives u the leaping sword! a pigman class can give u the pigman sword, zombie class will get zombie sword, iron golem will get golemsword. but make sure that we get double the amount of hp or else we will die to quick! p.s. make sure the anti cheat doesnt work in this gamemode cthanks for listen! bye bye and i cya o/

    add monkey
  20. Solace looks insanely good, can’t wait to try it out!

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