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    Hello Everyone!

    Today we are releasing a new update to Bed Wars! Which includes a new beta NPC to be able to test future balance changes and provide feedback towards the future of Bed Wars! We're also releasing a new beta game mode called Capture, new maps and lots of bug fixes! Continue reading to find out more.

    Remember nothing is final yet we await your feedback to shape the future of these changes. Please leave any feedback in the new feedback section of the Bed Wars forum.

    ▶ Capture Mode
    In Capture, two teams must fight over control of the map by capturing resources, defending their beds and attacking 5 control points.

    Capture can only be played as a 4v4 game, however we've included 2 modes within that:
    • In No Parties mode, you can only join as a solo player and will be matched up with other random players to form a team of 4.
    • In Parties mode, you join as a party of 4 players. Currently you must have 4 players to join this mode.
    By separating Parties and Solo players into separate queues this will help reduce the unfairness of 4 random solo players being matched against a full on party of 4, and should help balance things a little better.


    ▶ How to play?
    Each team starts with 1500 health and one capture point, The aim of the game is to capture points by placing beds on each point to capture them. The more points you have, the more damage is dealt to the enemy team per second.

    If you reduce the enemy team's health to zero, you win. You can also win by having the most health at the end of the game.

    Players can only respawn if they have beds placed down. Destroy all the opponents beds and then kill them for a quick victory.

    ▶ New Maps
    We have three news maps Steampunk, Jurrasic & Temple. You will be able to play these maps first in our beta modes during which you will be able to share your thoughts on the maps before going live.




    ▶ v1.4 Gameplay & Balance Changes
    Here is the list of game play and balance changes as part of v1.4, nothing is final yet as we may may make more changed during the 1.4 beta based on your feedback. So make sure to got test the new update by playing the beta modes and head back here to share your thoughts.
    • New Traps Queue
      • Cost
        • First: 1 Diamond
        • Second: 2 Diamonds
        • Third: 4 Diamonds
      • Ability to buy multiple traps which are placed in a queue.
      • A single trap will trigger each time a player enters the base radius.
    • New Traps
      • Reveal Trap
        • Send a chat alert with players name and If the player has invisibility it will reveal them.
      • Counter Trap
        • Send a chat alert and gives speed 1 to your teammates defending the bed for 15 seconds.
      • Miner Fatigue:
        • Moved to trap queue.
    Developer Note: The new trap system allows a defending player to queue up traps based on current threats. Don’t rely on traps though as attacking player can use magic milk to avoid the negative effects of a trap but you will still be alerted

    • New Item: Magic Milk
      • Costs 4 Gold
      • Description: Avoids trap effects such as blindness for 60 seconds.
    • Invisibility Pots
      • Cost increased from 1 to 2 emerald.
      • When invisible footstep sounds have been increased
    • Water Bucket
      • Teams cost changed from 1 Emerald to 8 Gold
      • Solo/Doubles cost changed from 1 Emerald to 4 Gold
      • Now a single use item, once placed water source can only be blocked.
    • New Item: Sponge
      • Teams costs 4 Gold
      • Solo/Double costs 2 Gold
      • 4 blocks of sponge great for soaking up water.
    Developer Note: This has allowed us to make water more accessible defensive or attacking item with the ability to stop blast damage or save a falling player. Attacking teams will be able to counter water with Aqua Infinity, the new sponge blocks or blocking the source of water.

    • Health Pool Team Upgrade
      • Added Green particles around an island with this upgrade.
    • Diamond Swords
      • Teams: Cost decreased from down from 4 to 3 emeralds
      • Solo/Doubles: Unchanged
    • Bridge Eggs
      • Teams: Cost decreased from 4 to 2 emeralds.
      • Solo/Doubles: Cost increased from 2 to 3 emeralds.
    • Bed Bug
      • Cost decreased from 50 iron to 40 iron
      • Increase life time from 15 seconds to 20 seconds
    • Fireballs
      • Cost decreased from 50 Iron to 40 Iron
    • Shears
      • Cost decreased from 30 to 20 Iron
    • Axes
      • Axes will receive sharpness team upgrade.
    • Pickaxes
      • Tier 1 unchanged Wooden [Efficiency I]
      • Tier 2 changed from Stone to Iron [Efficiency II]
      • Tier 3 changed from Iron to Golden [Efficiency II, Sharpness II]
      • Tier 4 unchanged Diamond [Efficiency III]
    Developer Note: This change allows use to reduce the time by up to 50% to break Obsidian at Tier 2 & 3 pickaxes. Although obsidian is an expensive endgame item we want to make sure to reward attacking players with a better chance of breaking it. Even with this change a defending team would have time to do a full respawn before the a obsidian block breaks.

    ▶ Item Shop Revamp
    We are trialing a new improved shop layout. Our aim is to provide you with a more easily navigable experience and let you customise the shop to fit your play style with a new layout, quick buy and hotbar options. We think this will help reduce time wasted shopping when you could be breaking beds.

    Find out more information on the shop revamp below or go and test it live now in our BETA modes. Please let us know any suggestions or feedback in the comments to help make your shopping experience better.

    ▶ Quick Buy Revamp
    Quick buy will now be the first menu you see when open the item shop as default you will have recommend items for new players. You can customise the quick buy shop adding or remove items by hovering over the item of choice and using Sneak + Click this will pop up menu to allow you to choose where to place it on your quick buy menu.


    ▶ Hotbar Manager

    You can customise your hotbar via the flame icon bottom of right of the quick buy menu. The manager allows you to set default slots for items when respawning or purchasing so for example in the screenshot above my sword will always go to slot 1, Tools to 2 & 3 etc. If an item not belonging to that category or a resource is in the slot when purchasing it will be moved into your inventory and the item purchased will replace it.

    For those players that like more control you can also hover over items and use the corresponding number to place that item into the correct slot for example if I want to purchase TNT and put it in slot 4, I can hover over TNT and press 4 to purchase directly into correct slot.


    ▶ v1.3 Bug Fixes
    The following bug fixes have been deployed to both v1.3 and v1.4.
    • Fixed an issue where quick communication would show a gift option when they are not avaliable.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed spectators to put sprays in item frames.
    • Fixed an issue where the "Great lord of fire" achievement would spam the players chat.
    • Fixed an issue where you could downgrade your armor.
    • Fixed an issue where players could use bridge eggs to exploit outside of the map.
    • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't recieve kill credit if a player logged out.
    • Fixed an issue where you could see other game's chat while in private games
    • Fixed an issue where the compass would turn into a lobby game menu
    • Fixed display issue where the confirm price for exclusive items wouldn't be exact
    • Synchronized stars achievement with real value
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  2. Hypee!! Can't wait to try out the new mode, it looks awesome. I especially love the idea of the beta mode because now any bedwars issues or glitches will be fixed well before they are officialy released to the public! Whereas before you had to scramble to find these new issues that arose or finding out what the bedwars community thought of it. This makes everything easier, awesome!

    I was playing the capture mode a little bit earlier and it kind of drags on to the point where everyone leaves the game. That happened in both games I played as no team could get the upper hand. Although, this is why we have beta!

    I also love the steampunk map and can’t wait to try it!

    ~Thanks the update!
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2018
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  3. Rakt

    Rakt Helper

    Looks fine! Can't wait to play with these new added features!
    Edit: looks like some community ideas were implemented also! I love to see that :)!
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  4. SonicFast05

    SonicFast05 Well-Known Member

    Glad to see an update!
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  5. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    IceSquad ICE
    Nice. Yet another bedwars update :)
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  6. Thanks for update! Can’t wait to try it out. Oh I love bedwars so much.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2018
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  7. Yeah, it looks so cool! Although, capture mode needs some changes. IT can drag on too long.
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  8. Dance

    Dance Well-Known Member

    Yay a reason to play again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  9. No orchestra! D:
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  10. first paaaage
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  11. I was trying it out, could use some work but it’s pretty good in general.

    Also, this isn’t directed to you but everyone needs to understand that bedwars is the most popular gamemode so of course a lot of hypixels team is going to go into it to keep that community happy. But, at the same time they are trying their best to keep the smaller games updated as seen with the QOL update.
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  12. God


    God Well-Known Member

    Shadowthorn SHADOW
    yay more tryhard bedwars competetive block game YES
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  13. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    IceSquad ICE
    Let's not talk about classics shall we?
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  14. As long as the new game mode has Quests for me to be able to do, I'll play. I'm a fan of the new costs of the items (Except for the water, now even more tryhards are gonna end up putting water all over their bed!) But I am a huge fan of the new hotbar customizer! Seem very useful for me and hopefully will be for others as well!

    NOTE: Please update Guilds! We need more upgrades!
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
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  15. Dylan

    Dylan Well-Known Member

    Tx7 TX7
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  16. flyyy_

    flyyy_ Well-Known Member

    Aftermath 76
    dang, already? wow! gl to me and other players

    EDIT: hype first page
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  17. LostWolfGamer

    LostWolfGamer Well-Known Member

    Ayy new bedways update!!
  18. HolidayJoy

    HolidayJoy Well-Known Member

    first page and yes
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  19. Rowlinq

    Rowlinq Active Member

    Overall seems like a quality update! Can't wait to try out the new maps.
    (I'd love to try and make fan maps for the new gamemode)
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